SEASON ONE: EPISODE 1: “Everything Changes”

A brutal murder leads WPC Gwen Cooper to Torchwood, a journey that will change her life forever.

This is definitely Gwen Cooper’s episode, all the way. Essentially it’s the story of an ordinary police officer who accidently stumbles into the world of Torchwood, and by the end of the episode proves she has the right stuff to join the team. I watched this episode with an eye toward how well it stands on its own: quite nicely, I think. Although technically a spin-off of Doctor Who, I think of it as more of a “parallel” series, such as CBS’s various CSI shows. That is, they occupy the same universe and may occasionally cross over, but remain independent of each other.

That’s not to say the Doctor Who references aren’t there, merely that they’re not integral to the enjoyment of the show. For example, the Doctor’s hand (from “The Christmas Invasion”) is seen in the Torchwood headquarters, but it’s no more necessary to know the story behind it in order to follow the story at hand (no pun intended) than it is to know the history of a trophy seen in the background of the Batcave to enjoy a Batman story. The story differentiates four different versions of Torchwood, and unless I haven’t been paying close enough attention to Doctor Who (always a possibility), more than one of these versions have yet to be fully explained.

While still told from Gwen Cooper’s point of view, about midway through the first episode the spotlight of attention is thrown on Jack Harkness, a character with a mysterious two-year gap in his history which I look forward to seeing revealed. Gwen learns the secret of his longevity in this episode, but apparently his teammates remain unaware at this point. The next episode is titled “Day One,” which makes me glad “Everything Changes” isn’t listed as “episode zero.”

Perhaps I read too many comics books.


   1.1 Changes Everything - p14
   1.2 Aliens & Sex & Chips & Gravy - p14
   1.3 Orr - p14
   1.3 Superiority Complex - p15

   2.1 Love Rat - p15
   2.2 A Kill to a View - p15
   2.3 Zero Hour - p15
   2.3 The Empty Hand - p15

   3.1 Poker Face - p15
   3.2 Tagged - p15
   3.3 Escape Room - p15
   3.3 Herald of the Dawn - p15

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Unless anyone can tell me when/if BBC America will be running Torchwood: Miracle Day, I will have to bow out of this discussion.

But I do like the series and have seen every episode up to the conclusion of Children of Earth.

It'll probably be a long time, if ever, until BBCA airs it because Starz is a competing station.


Anybody who is watching Miracle Day should also download the Torchwood: Web of Lies app. It's an animated story that ties in with the new series. You watch some story (starring the regular Torchwood cast plus Eliza Dushku) and then have to solve puzzles to continue with the story. Jenn and I were impressed.

Today’s Problem: Create an antidote for arsenic poisoning using only ingredients found aboard a plane.

Two episodes in, “Miracle Day” is every bit as engaging and engrossing as “Children os Earth” was, without being so oppressive.
Watched the third episode last night. I'm not real fond of the CIA guy, either, but I assume he will emerge a new member of the team. (He's already identifying himself as "Torchwood.") Still and all, I'm really enjoying this one. As will COE, every episode digs a little deeper and reveals a little more.

This is not fair. You guys got me started watching Torchwood, then you abandoned me!


It's not fair. :(


We don't have Starz.  :(

same here. I am waiting for it to show up on Netflix.  I am sure it will eventually. You might want to check out Radio Free Skaro podcast. They have been enjoying and reviewing the episodes.

I never think of things like that. I honestly couldn't tell you if Starz was part of our original package or if we added it specifically to be able to watch Torchwood. I simply told Tracy that Torchwood was coming to Starz and let her handle it.


I wouldn't care to hear what strangers think about it; I wanna hear what you guys think! I can wait until it comes out on DVD or whatever, though.

I think Torchwood has been quite successful for a show that was derived from the question, "Hey, what words can we make if we scramble the letters in 'doctor who'?" I daresay that How Cod Rot wouldn't've done nearly as well.
Haw haw!
Humanity has to solve some things themselves, Mark. That's the in-story reasoning. Behind the scenes, the Doctor will never appear on Torchwood because kids watch Doctor Who and Torchwood is not at all kid-friendly.
I've been watching a Torchwood: Miracle Day marathon on Starz all evening. Before this I just caught a couple of random episodes. I've grown quite fond of the CIA guy, but it probably helps to see the character develop quickly via back-to-back episodes. I like the series a lot, although I miss the rest of the Torchwood team. Damaged as they were, I still grew attached to them.

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