I will probably never get around to reviewing all of the “Eighth Doctor and Charley” adventures, but after Charlotte Pollard stopped travelling with the Eighth Doctor, she travelled with the Sixth for a time. How it is that the Eighth Doctor doesn’t remember travelling with her before remains to be seen, but chronicling those stories is a much less daunting task. Here’s what lies ahead…

105. The Condemned - p1
111. The Doomwood Curse - p1
114. Brotherhood of the Daleks - p1
L.A. The Red House - p2
  vii. Return of the Krotons - p3
116. The Raincloud Man - p3
124. Patient Zero - p3
125. Paper Cuts - p4
126. Blue Forgotten Planet - p4


1.1 The Lamentation Cipher
1.2 The Shadow at the Edge of the World
1.3 The Fall of the House of Pollard
1.4 The Viyran Solution


2.1 Embankment Station
2.2 Ruffling
2.3 Seed of Chaos
2.4 The Destructive Quality of Life

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It was definitely the multiple layers of reality that made this story less enjoyable to me. Just when I thought I had it figured out, it would drastically change and I would be back to doubting myself. I was so confused at the end, I questioned if it was the human Charley getting back into the TARDIS with the Doctor.

“It seems inevitable to me that the Doctor must eventually figure out that Charley is from his future.”

He comes close (very close) to doing so in this episode, but… no, I won’t say.

“In some way, I think she ought to just tell him.”

Charlie thinks she has seen the Doctor die in the year 500,002. (That’s what she cried, “He’s alive! He’s alive!” in the opening scene of “The Condemned.” She knows she has broken the First Law of Time by even accepting a ride with the sixth Doctor in the first place. She also knows that, if she were to tell him about herself, he would put a stop to their travels and, selfishly, she misses him.

My only question is why does she think that? That’s not something I missed from “The Girl Who Never Was,” is it, Tracy?

I think Charley believes he would cease traveling with her because of the Web of Time. The way she understands it, she would be causing more problems for the Doctor.

Yes, but why does she think the [Eighth] Doctor is dead?

She saw him die and he didn't regenerate.

Did that happen in "The Girl Who Never Was"? If so, I totally missed it. I thought she just left him a note and disappeared.

She intended to leave him while in Singapore, where she left the note at the hotel. They end up in one last adventure, leaving her in 500,002. Bryon wants the treasure, uses the Doctor and TARDIS to get there, then shoots the Doctor.


The last regular Sixth Doctor and Charley audio ("Blue Forgotten Planet") was released in September 2009. “The Last Adventure” (2015), which led to the Sixth Doctor’s regeneration, was a collection of four interconnected stories with four different companions. Chronologically, the “Last Adventure” story with Charley fits here. Because “The Red House” is already discussed in detail in the thread dealing with that release, I will not duplicate it here. I direct those interested to “The Last Adventure (of the Sixth Doctor).”

I did listen to the first couple of minutes of “The Red House,” though. Charley mentions the events of “The Doomwood Curse” and “Brotherhood of the Daleks” as if those adventures had just happened, which accounts for its placement in continuity at this point. She also mentions vortisaurs, which arouses the Doctor’s suspicion. A vortisaur is a pterodactyl-like lifeform which exists in the vortex, and she and the Eighth Doctor once rescued an injured one and nursed it back to health.

It strikes me that there is a lot more “web of timey-wimey stuff” in the audios than on TV. The TV showrunners are always free to revisit a classic storyline, but they are more or less limited to the ones that already exist. That restriction doesn’t really apply to Big Finish’s audio adventures, however. Because the Doctors’ stories advance on all fronts simultaneously (so to speak), if a writer wants to have any one Doctor revisit a story that happened to a previous Doctor, he simply writes both adventures.

“The Last Adventure” is a prime example of what I’m talking about. Although written by different authors (in this case), “The Last Adventure” comprises stories that happened at four different periods in the Sixth Doctor’s life, while travelling with four different companions. Each story contributes to the overall arc, but similarly, each story can be enjoyed on its own as well. Quite frequently I have chosen to listen to a particular story only to discover it’s a follow-up to another story featuring a different Doctor which I have not heard. These days, such stories are often released in sequential sets of three, such as the “1963” set of anniversary stories (#178-180), the “Transposition Trilogy” (#198-200), or “The Masters Trilogy” (#211-213), all featuring the 5th, 6th and 7th Doctors, to name a few. Here’s a caveat: when Big Finish offers money-saving “bundles,” these themed “trilogies” are broken up by Doctor.

Because "The Red House" was written much later than the other Charley stories, I was disappointed in the writer's choice to lump her in the whining, run back to the TARDIS, female companion role. She even states her occupation as "Edwardian Adventuress" but rarely demonstrates her outgoing nature as the story progresses. The audio fits better with "The Last Adventure" but I had to listen to it now to realize that.

I'm not certain when the term "Edwardian Adventuress" was first used, but Charley went on to have two series of solo adventures after her travels with the Doctor(s) came to an end.

Charley styles herself as an Edwardian Adventuress in her very first story, running away from home and boarding the Airship R101.

I didn't recall whether or not that term was actually used.

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