Two big changes in the DCU (spoilers for Action #900 and Brightest Day)

In Action #900, Superman stands with protesters in Iran.  The Iranian government feels that Superman is being directed by the American national security team.  So, to make sure everyone knows that his actions come from his code of morality only and are not forced on him by the US government, Superman renounces his American citizenship at the UN.  Now, this is interesting and can lead to many stories, but I have to, exactly, was Superman a citizen.  Did he vote?  Did he pay taxes?  Sure Clark does those things and I'm sure Clark isn't renouncing his citizenship.  So this seems to be more symbolic than anything else.  This is Superman saying that he's a citizen of the entire planet, not one country and I can get behind that.  With this and Batman, Inc...the world's finest and becoming truly the WORLD'S finest. 


The other big change is the erasing of the Vertigo-DCU line by bringing back both Swamp Thing and John Constantine into the world of Aquaman and Firestorm.  While some Vertigo series will continue to be stand-alone books, this is a big change in policy for DC.  And I welcome it. 


I don't want to see Gentleman Ghost in iZombie though...wait...maybe I kinda do.

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No, no, the Creature from the Black Lagoon was naturalized back in 1971.
"...causing people who’ve never read Superman comics to threaten to never read Superman comics."

That's pretty funny. :P
Ha! Thanks for clarifying that!

The Baron said:
No, no, the Creature from the Black Lagoon was naturalized back in 1971.
Don Collett said:

  Sheesh.  When was the last time people took this much interest in Superman?  (Cynicism Alert!!!!)


Batman said (in Infinite Crisis #1):

The last time you inspired anyone you were dead.


"Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read." -Groucho Marx

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Everybody should remember that he could always renounce his renouncement.

A big Superman reader here, but for this 'Grounded' story, I've tuned out. It wasn't all that interesting to begin with and when JMS started ghost-writing the stories, it was time to give it a break.


Judging by context, I see this action as very moot. I've never given much thought to whether Superman was actually an American citizen or not (Clark, yes, because that's obvious). But if that factoid wasn't that well-known, then why should a decision like this (which apparently happened off-panel) be taken so seriously? He could easily get back his citizenship next week, next month, next year. Will it generate similar headlines when he does?


It's all politics which has no place in a comic such as Superman. It's like the mini from a few years back where DC announced which political candidates our stalwart heroes endorsed. Is Superman a Democrat or Republican? I don't care. That's not why I read his book. If I want politics, I watch the news or read the newspaper.


I read Superman be entertained, to enjoy the characters and stories. Grounded has done neither. I'm only been grounded by boredom which is why I'm waiting for the Next Big Thing for him, to see if I want to read that.

As for the rest of 900...the end of the Lex story felt a bit too "All-Star Superman" to me, but it did open the door for Doomsday, or a version of him, to become one of the Superman Family...which could be interesting.  I wouldn't mind sending away the Eradicator and the Cyborg-Superman for a long while, though. 


As a dad, the Jor-El story hit me in the heart pretty hard.  Sure, we've kinda seen this story before, but the art sold it for me. 

I loved the little Lois-invites-the-Legion-over-for-pizza-night story.  I know Gary Frank isn't everyone's fave, but I flip over his Lois and Chris Reeve - Clark Kent.  The look on Lightning Lass' face when she sees someone has stolen a pizza was awesome. 

I haven't read the Richard Donner story yet...I think doing it in a conventional comic style rather than storyboards would have been better.


The pin-up was a bit ironic given the Goyer story.

Are storyboards typically drawn that crudely? The crude artwork made it hard to get through the crude writing.
I loved the little Lois-invites-the-Legion-over-for-pizza-night story, too, and I guess it was as long as it needed to be, but I wished it was a bit longer. I like Gary Frank's work, but I still find it jarring to see Margot Kidder and Christopher Reeve instead of Lois Lane and Clark Kent, even though he makes "Lois" look more hot than she has in years.

Eric L. Sofer said:

PowerBook Pete said:

JFK made him an American citizen.

Yeah, well, JFK made him a West German citizen too... along with all of us.  So, that doesn't count... :) :) :)





...No , actually , JFK made him - and all of us freedon-lovers ! - chocolate-cream tarts !!!!!!!!! ( Well , barring what JFK made Jackie , and then , when he did it too many times what she...Oh , is that a man in dark knits andaparofRyban....!!!!Help ))))))))) 

I read in the paper that renunciation of one's citizenship is far more than just saying, "I don't want to be part of the U.S. anymore!" You have to state what country you're switching allegiance to and, more importantly, you can't change your mind! Once you're out, you are out!

Oh my. Been reading various comments on other sites about this story and the Web is turning blood red. Everything from bashing the Jewish background of Siegel & Shuster to how liberals are using this to undermine the youth (and therefore the future) of this country.




This is unreal. But one comment (one of the few from a sane point of view) said this particular story wasn't even in-contuinity, that it was just part of the anniversary stories. True?


For those who have been reading Action, how would you rate Cornell's Luthor story overall? Good? Excellent look into the mind-set of an arch-enemy? Rubbish?




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