So after many years of gentle and not so gentle prodding I have finally started watching Doctor Who.  In the past I have seen snippets of the new series, and generally walked away muttering “…alright …that was odd…don’t see much point in that.” However my friends BatMatt and Doc kept suggesting I try it (much the same way we kept suggesting Rich try watching Firefly…) and since I share a lot of tastes in
common when it comes to TV shows and comics a few months ago I relented and let Doc know that I had come to terms with fact that someday I would eventually ended up watching some Doctor Who but needed to know where to start.

Fast forward to two weeks ago when my father had me open a Netflix account so we could figure out why Netflix streaming wasn’t working for him (no streaming outside the 50 states and DC…you lose out if you live in a Commonwealth of the US it turns out…bummer).  Since I had started the clock on my 2 week trial I figured I might as well take advantage of it once we were back in Rochester.

So early last week I started out watching Season 1 of the New Doctor Who series, starring Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor. The first 13 episodes are available via Netflix streaming, and I have watched 12.

If you haven’t watched the series yet…you might as well stop reading unless you want to be spoiled as to how I reacted…

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The Baron said:

Clearly, some Doctors are sillier than others.

Cav has posted it in the "Doctor Who" group, but I thought I'd mention it out here for the sake of those who don't go into the groups that often:


Nick Courtney has passed away .


Very sad. Courtney was one of my favorite characters on the show. I'm glad he was able to do a Sarah Jane Adventures, but I confess that I'd hoped we might see him one last time on the parent show. Still, at least we have the vast majority of his work on the show intact.  Damn, another childhood favorite gone.

That's too bad. I haven't seen that episode of Sarah Jane yet, but it will be more poignant somehow when I do.


I started listening to the audio adventure “Peri and the Piscon Paradox” this morning. I’m only a half hour in to this 120 minute four-parter, but so far I’m really enjoying it. I never really have plans to keep ordering Doctor Who audio adventures, but usually the catalog which comes with the order contains an article about some new or upcoming release which sounds really interesting to me. “Tales from the Vault” is due in July and features the largest cast ever assembled for a “Companion Chronicle.” In addition to Peter Purves as Steven, Wendy Padbury as Zoe, Katy Manning as Jo and Mary Tamm as Romana, it also co-stars Ruth Matheson and Yee Jee Tso from the TV movie. Big Finish does not have the rights to the characters of Grace Holloway and Chang Lee, so they’ve created two new characters for them, Ruth Matheson and Charlie Sato, “two specialist UNIT personnel whose job is to look after The Vault — a massive repository of stuff left over from alien invasions.”

Hmm… sound a bit like Torchwood.
Daphne Ashcroft as Ruth Matheson?

What? Oh. Whoops. Yeah.

(Just wanted to see if anyone was paying attention. :P )

I'd edit if I could.

So it is Red Nose day in the UK, and there is new Doctor Who material not available stateside. Thankfully BBC America has posted links to the 2-part skit on You Tube.


Follow this link for a taste of Doctor Who:Doctor Who Returns

Thank you, Ana
IF you have a iPad or iPhone, the BBC had reduced the price of the Doctor Who: Mazes in Time game to .99 cents for a llimited time, and there is a new Doctor Who comics app from iDW! I am enjoying both!

Except for the Doctor Who Classics line, I already have all of IDW's Doctor Who comics. Of the few Classics that were listed when I downloaded the app, I already have all of them, too.


Even though I don't have time to play it, I'll probably download "Mazes of Time" anyway. Hello. My name is Jeff and I'm a Doctor Who addict.

Just in case nobody has gone into the Doctor Who group to see my post, I'll mention here that AudioGo (what use to be BBC Audiobooks) is having a huge sale on audio book downloads. The sale is half off on all audio downloads and a lot of physical audio books (CDs) are also on sale. Once you add on tax and whatever your bank may charge for an international exchange rate, it's more like 40% off but still a great deal.

I downloaded dozens* of Doctor Who, Sarah Jane Adventures, and Torchwood novels and radio plays. Some of the audio books are exclusive to audio--they aren't available in print. Most are books read by a single reader (including David Tennant, Catherine Tate, Bernard Cribbins, Nick Courtney, John Barrowman, Matt Smith, and Arthur Davrill) but there are also full-cast stories in the Torchwood range.


*It's nice not being so darn broke for once.

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