OK, a gap opened up in the Sourcewall, see, and out dropped disks of the old 60's Marvel Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Iron Man and Sub-Mariner cartoon.  It's been close to forty-five since I've seen them last, and I never even knew they was Thor and Sub-Mariner ones when I was a kid. So, anyway, let's see what I see.

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Giant-Man fought Attuma late in his series. Also he was what brought Hank and Jan back to the Avengers. (Although oddly Namor does not fight him at that time, despite their return to Avengers being a sequel to their appearance in Namor's series.) 

Cartoon censors might have objected to a guy with buzzsaws on his wrists. Still we could have had a lot of really badly animated Stiltman walking.

Since they did get the X-Men into the series in that one bizarre episode, why didn't they try getting the rights to them? We could have had lots more goofy Iceman running scenes. Strange they could use the characters but not say "X-Men." Allies For Peace sounds like an advertisement to sell war bonds instead of a hero team.
 Randy Jackson said:

I think Namor was chosen for several reasons:

1. Once upon a time, he was a really big deal. If you think about it, National/American had many popular legacy characters to pull from in terms of it's history, but Timely only had three: the Human Torch, Captain America and Namor. It's entirely likely that Marvel/Grantray wanted to cash in on nostalgia.

2. At the time, there were very, very few really good Daredevil stories to work with. I doubt there would be much excitement over DD taking on the likes of the Purple Man, the Matador or the Gladiator. Giant-Man and the Wasp had even worse villains. Even if they had to overuse Attuma, he was much more imposing than anything Daredevil had to offer.

3. There will always be a fascination with some over the idea that someone rules Earth's water, whether or not it's executed well. Tehre's tons of potential there, but it's rarely been realized.

4. In many ways, Namor is a great character in that he works either as a protagonist or an antagonist, and quite frankly, no matter which role he's filling, he's a good fit.

"Not All My Power Can Save Me!"  - In which Namor  goes after the Diamonds of Doom, Krang hits on Dorma but then throws her to the Faceless Ones when she shoots him down, Namor rescues her, Neptune gives him the Trident, Namor regains his throne, and exiles Krang, who wanders off, muttering "I'll get you next time, Gadget, next time!"

Wow, that was pretty quick, as quests go.

It took half of six issues in the comics. They've just about caught up to Tales to Astonish already.

"Not All My Power Can Save Me" was the title of the Hulk story in that issue. The Namor story was called "The End of the Quest."

"Atlantis Under Attack"  - In which Namor goes searching for his missing pal Vashti, but he left the back door open so Attuma was able to conquer Atlantis while he was out. Meanwhile, Dorma gets caught in the QUAGMIRE OF DOOM! (Giggity?) Namor re-conquers Atlantis, and Attuma is forced to wear a bell around his neck.  

Namor should really learn to delegate. How can he possibly run Atlantis if he leaves to deal with every crisis himself?

Good point.

Ah yes, The Quagmire of Doom another one of those great Stan Lee names that sticks with you through the years.

The Baron said:

"Atlantis Under Attack" - In which Namor goes searching for his missing pal Vashti, but he left the back door open so Attuma was able to conquer Atlantis while he was out.

There seemed to be a theme in Marvel's Silver Age comics. Whenever Namor, Black Bolt or Odin were out (in one way or another) their kingdoms are taken over by Attuma, Maximus and Loki.

Same thing always happened to Black Panther. He'd leave this old guy in charge then wonder why Wakanda was always being taken over by Man-Ape. Obviously the old guy was really bad at running things.

"The Thing from Space" - In which Attuma gets beaten again, but then a robot falls out of a UFO, and for some unguessable reason, obeys his every command.  Namor finds it impossible to beat the robot, but sends Dorma to signal the UFO to come get the robot.  It is not immediately obvious how he knew to have her do that.

Just a quick request:  I hope that folks will try to avoid discussing too man details of cartoons I haven't covered yet.  I actually haven't seen these Sub-Mariner cartoons before.

Sorry. I took the posts down.

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