OK, a gap opened up in the Sourcewall, see, and out dropped disks of the old 60's Marvel Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Iron Man and Sub-Mariner cartoon.  It's been close to forty-five since I've seen them last, and I never even knew they was Thor and Sub-Mariner ones when I was a kid. So, anyway, let's see what I see.

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A bit convoluted - sort of like it's set in a parallel world with a slightly different World War Two.

Unlike the real one Comic Book Cap fought in?

Episode Five: "The Return of Captain America"

     It looks like an episode was out of order as we now get the events of Avengers #4.  The voices for the Avengers were not well-chosen. The one for Giant-Man is particularly bad. It's like they called down to Central (Voice) Casting an said, "Get us someone who sounds like an enormous oaf."

     Cap gets a hotel room. How?  Even if he has ID on him, it's twenty years out of date, and how much money was he likely to be carrying when he went off to fight Zemo?

     "B****, I'm Rick Jones!"

     Ah, priceless! I laughed out loud! An old building labeled "OLD BUILDING"!

     Wow, Jarvis spills the beans that Cap's alone real quick, doesn't he?

Actually the theme song isn't about Captain America. It's about his shield, which gets a lot more airtime during the intro than he does. The original opening and closing theme songs were dropped from the series in the 70s. Have they ever been restored? There are a few versions of "The Marvel Super Heroes Have Arrived" and "The Merry Marvel Marching Society" on youtube, but they're extremely blurry with poor sound and most of them are in black and white.

It's surprising how many Cap episodes are actually issues of the Avengers.

Yes, the planned 90s Captain America show was never made because they were told they couldn't say "Nazi," they couldn't show a swastika, they couldn't show a Nazi uniform, they couldn't show Hitler or mention his name, they couldn't make any references to concentration camps, and so on. They could have made a modern day series, but they felt Captain America belonged in WWII, and if they couldn't place the show in that time period, then forget it. An advertisement for the show (before they dropped the idea) can be found on youtube.

Episode Six: "Zemo and the Masters of Evil"

In which Zemo learns that Cap is still alive and sends the Black Knight, the Melter and Radioactive Man after him. Cap fights back, with help from Thor and Iron Man.

Iron Man name drops Paste Pot Pete, with no explanation other than that he's a guy he knows who knows alot about adhesives!

Why do the MoE re-spray the exact same areas they sprayed earlier?

Thor uses his space warp ability to send the heels whirling off somewhere random, not apparently worrying what trouble they might cause wherever they end up.

Regarding the order of the stories, Captain America was revived in Avengers #4, and was soon awarded his own strip which appeared in Tales of Suspense, which he shared with Iron Man. At first the stories were set in the present day, then they moved to WWII, then back to the present. In Avengers, he first fought alongside the originals (Iron Man, Thor, Giant Man, Wasp), then later “Cap’s Kooky Quartet” (Hawkeye, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch).

Unfortunately, the cartoon sequence is wildly out of chronological order.

The MoE episode, for example, is from Avengers #6. If Marvel was ever to release a comprehensive set of these cartoons, I'd put the origin and WWII flashback stories first, then the Avengers stories, then the present-day TOS solo stories.

Strange this episode leaves out Giant-Man and the Wasp, when other episodes will show them. If you look carefully you can see the background where Cap is plastered to the ground looks odd in one area. That's where Giant-Man should have been. I believe the space warp scene is from #7.

The Baron said:

Cap gets a hotel room. How? Even if he has ID on him, it's twenty years out of date......

Back when these comics and cartoons were new you could check into a hotel room and even board a plane without being asked for I.D.

"D.B. Cooper" gave a false name when he bought his plane ticket before hijacking it, getting a ransom, and disappearing into mythology.

Lots of movies have couples check into hotels without giving ID, just claiming they're just married.

Episode Seven: "Let the Past Be Gone"

In which Cap battles the Adaptoid, later the Super-Adaptoid. You'd think if AIM was going to build this super-robot, they'd make it water-proof. The Avengers are now Cap. Giant-Man(in his "Goliath" outfit) and Hawkeye.  They've gotten a better voice for Hank, anyhow.

Episode Eight: "The Coming of...the Swordsman!"

Suddenly now, it's "Cap's Kooky Quartet", with the Swordsman being recruited by, and then turning against, the Mandarin. I've never actually read a comic with the Swordsman in. Did he actually just walk in to Avengers Mansion and demand membership?

It played out in the cartoon pretty much the same way it did in the comic book.

I have very early memories of watching these Marvel cartoons on TV. I don't know if they played in re-runs beyond 1966, but if not I would have been only two years old. In any case, the Grantray-Lawrence Marvels were quite different from other cartoons I was familiar with. To me, they seemed to be for "bigger boys" because they required more concentration. I didn't really watch them religiously, but I made a kind of "mental note" to set them aside until I "grew into them."

They must have been re-run beyond '66, because I know I wasn't watching them when I was three.

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