Anyone else watching this? We've had it recorded for months, but only started watching it over the weekend. My wife describes it as "If The Prisoner and Lost had a baby it would be Wayward Pines." I couldn't have put it better myself.

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Juliet Lewis' character told Matt Dillon's that she'd been there a year, but she thought it was 2009 while he thought it was 2014. Carla Gugino had been there for at least ten years, but he had last seen her a week or two before. It's the reason for the rule of not talking about the past. All that stuff was more fun to me than the second season has been, but I have not yet watched the two latest episodes.

The episode I watched last night featured a poignant scene between the doctor (replacement Matt Dillon) and his wife. His wife was apparently the one recruited, and she lobbied to bring him as well. Back in the 21st century, the doctor had just begun a process of reconciliation with his father when, from the father's point of view, his son mysteriously disappeared. He puts his wife in his father's place and asks her to imagine what that must have been like for him. It was a good scene.

PowerBook Pete, the Mad Mod said:

That's a tough one, but, so far in Wayward Pines, we haven't had to worry about someone in the same room with us becoming an Abbie.

Also, there's the climate to consider.

I got caught up over the weekend.

WP has not yet been renewed for a third season.

I hope the producers expected such and give us some kind of ending. Of course, it didn't get renewed for the second season until about 5 months after the first season ended. That's why we had some cast changes.

I'm writing this on Friday July 22. Next Wednesday is the season 2 finale. We've watched the show from the beginning and have enjoyed all of it

At the 2016 WonderCon we attended a panel consisting of Jason Patric, the author Blake Crouch and M. Night Shyamalan(!). Their enthusiam was contagious.

I'm hoping for a season 3. Shymalan has been quoted as saying it's really a three-season story.

Season two ended pretty much the way I expected. With the townsfolk (most of them, anyway) back in their pods, if the show doesn’t get renewed, well, that’s the end and whatever may happen next is up to the viewers’ imaginations (or maybe Blake Crouch will write some more books). If it does get renewed, they may pick up 10 or 100 or 1000 years further into the future. There are also 300 people who have yet to be awakened. I hope it gets renewed.

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