On Sunday, I visited an antique store in Harrisburg, Pa.

One of the attendants at the place pointed me to a box of comics, and I was surprised by the contents. All early 1970s books. All in good shape. A few Marvels. Lots of DC. A few Gold Keys too. In all, a nice collection.

I thumbed through them and found most to be in decent condition -- grading them I would put them in VF to G.

I pulled out a few I was interested in, and then the store owner came over and said I could have the whole box for $25.

Oh yeah, I bought it!

In the next few posts, I'll tell you what I got ...

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I was thinking further that maybe it was part of a "try our comics package, you get 300 comics over a year. Sell what ever you can at your store." This is what was left over, or what came in after the store closed because the order couldn't be canceled.

Your theory is certainly fine, Travis, but is odd that there's so many groups of three and four.

If it helps, most of these comics were published bi-monthly.

The original Journey into Mystery became Thor in the 60s. The name was used again by Marvel in the 70s for a horror title that became a reprint title.

I didn't know rubeny. Apparently, he was Ruben Yandoc.
Wow, what a great find, LJ!
Lumbering Jack said:
  1. Flash No. 223 (1973, DC, Green Lantern back-up, Dr. Light is Flash's villain)
  2. Funny Animals No.1 (1984, Charlton Comics, condition-wise this is amazing. Inside pages are xerox-paper white. I wish it were from '73)
  3. Ghost Manor No. 13 (1973, Charlton Comics, Really good condition!)
  4. Ghost Manor No. 14 (Awesome condition!)
  5. Ghosts No. 14 (DC, 1973)
  6. Ghosts No. 15
  7. Ghosts No. 17
  8. Ghosts No. 19
  9. Ghost Stories No. 37 (Dell, 1973)
  10. G.I. War Tales No. 3 (1973, DC, Joe Kubert art, near white interior pages)
  11. Grimm's Ghost Stories No. 10 (1973, Gold Key)
  12. Grimm's Ghost Stories No. 11
  13. Grimm's Ghost Stories No. 12
  14. Haunted No. 13 (Charlton, DC)
  15. Luke Cage, Hero for Hire No. 10 (1973, Marvel, conditions are great on all of these, though
  16. Luke Cage, Hero for Hire No. 11
  17. Luke Cage, Hero for Hire No. 12  (Villain: Chemistro)
  18. Luke Cage, Hero for Hire No. 13
  19. House of Mystery No. 212 (1973, DC, really good art with signatures I don't recognize: "alexn" and "rubeny")
  20. House of Mystery No. 215 (Includes a 3-page spread of ads for "Pirates of the Caribbean" skeleton pirate model kits, plus a one-pager by Sergio Argones)
  21. House of Mystery No. 218 (Frank Thorne art)
  22. House of Secrets No. 108 (1973, DC, with a leering mummy on the cover)
  23. House of Secrets No. 109 (... with a caged green beast on the cover)
  24. Huey, Dewey and Louie Junior Woodchucks No. 20 (Gold Key, 1973)
  25. Huey, Dewey and Louie Junior Woodchucks No. 22


Wow. Early Luke Cage's. Nice. I love the Charlton/Gold Key horror books also!

I think every collection has at least one copy of Kitty Pryde/Wolverine! They must have printed about 3 million copies of that book!

The Star Trek Gold Key alone is worth the $25!

Lumbering Jack said:
  1. Chamber of Chills No. 5 (1973, Marvel)
  2. Chamber of Chills No. 6
  3. Cloak and Dagger No. 1 (1983, Marvel, the "youngest book" in the lot from my early preview of the box)
  4. Crypt of Shadows No. 4 (1973, Marvel)
  5. Crypt of Shadows No. 5
  6. Crypt of Shadows No. 6
  7. Daffy Duck No 83 (1973, Gold Key)
  8. Daisy and Donald No. 1 (1973, Gold Key)
  9. Daisy and Donald No. 2
  10. Daredevil and the Black WIdow No. 99 (Marvel, guest stars Hawkeye!)
  11. Forbidden Tales of Dark Mansion No. 10 (1973, DC, Alfredo Alcala art)
  12. The Occult Files of Doctor Spektor No. 2 (1973, Gold Key)
  13. The Occult Files of Doctor Spektor No. 3

More to come. This is just through the titles lettered "D."

Further, I've looked over some of these a little closer. I think many of these could do really well with a pro-grading and then entombed in plastic (what's it called again... CDC? CGC? I forget). What's so interesting is that many of these are kids titles and horror titles that usually got read to pieces. These ones have crisp spines, the white on the cover is still white. Wow, this is a good find!











...That's an interesting comment about horror titles , Lum .

  In your perception , you feel that , like kids' titles , they tend to be " read to death " by " people who were not collectors " ?

  I mean , that's a well-established observation for kiddie/toon titles , but , you would extend that to SA/BA era horror as well ?




...I have meant to post about the concept of buying comic books at/from non-comics shop situations .

  Do interesting things spring up ?

  Conversely , do you get a whole lotta peeps expecting mondo $ for 90s Wolverines and World Without A Superman , etc. ?

  At Another Board I did some , perhaps tiresome to the others , posts about the stuff I bought , generally for $1 , at a small grocery/bodega in SF's Mission District , fairly routine-ish 90s and 00s stuff , however .

  I still have a copy of THE SECOND LIFE OF DOCTOR MIRAGE #1 , which I never read at the time , as I wasn't buying Valiants then .

Emerkeith Davyjack said:

I still have a copy of THE SECOND LIFE OF DOCTOR MIRAGE #1 , which I never read at the time , as I wasn't buying Valiants then .

I still have the entire run! I loved that series!

ClarkKent_DC said:
Emerkeith Davyjack said:

I still have a copy of THE SECOND LIFE OF DOCTOR MIRAGE #1 , which I never read at the time , as I wasn't buying Valiants then .

I still have the entire run! I loved that series!
...What's the legal status of the Valiant characters that weren't Western/Gold Key-originated (as I assume DM was) now ?

I wandered into a flea market this weekend and found a copy of this classic for $10.00:

That's as little as one ten.

And that's not terrible.

That's a wonderful find! I love that there's so much non-superhero stuff, which I didn't collect in 1973. So most of it would have been "new" to me, which makes it all the more glorious.

Nice! I don't do flea markets much, but I can't pass up a used bookstore. There's nothing like a great, unexpected "find."

This was quite a flea market. The "booths" are tiny decaying cottages from a long-ago cabin rental on Lake Huron.

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