On Sunday, I visited an antique store in Harrisburg, Pa.

One of the attendants at the place pointed me to a box of comics, and I was surprised by the contents. All early 1970s books. All in good shape. A few Marvels. Lots of DC. A few Gold Keys too. In all, a nice collection.

I thumbed through them and found most to be in decent condition -- grading them I would put them in VF to G.

I pulled out a few I was interested in, and then the store owner came over and said I could have the whole box for $25.

Oh yeah, I bought it!

In the next few posts, I'll tell you what I got ...

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  1. Adventure Comics No. 428 (DC, 1973, Black Orchid origin issue)
  2. Archie and Me No. 58 (1973)
  3. Archie and Me No. 59 (1973)
    Archie at Riverdale High. No 9
  4. Little Archie No. 77
  5. Betty and Veronica No. 212 (1973, They fight over Archie in this one! Lol!)
  6. Betty and Veronica No. 213 (1973)
  7. Life with Archie No. 135
  8. Life with Archie No. 136
  9. Baby Snoots No. 12 (Gold Key, 1973, oddly enough this is the third Baby Snoots comic I own!)
  10. Walt Disney Beagle Boys No. 17 (Gold Key, 1973)
  11. Walt Disney Beagle Boys No. 18
  12. Beetle Bailey No. 101 (Charlton, 1973, Mort Walker cover)
  13. Beware! No. 2 (1973, Marvel horror title)
  14. Beware! No. 3
  15. Boris Carloff Tales of Mystery No. 46 (Gold Key, 1973, painted covers, If these were done nowadays, Karloff would be in every story and not as a simple host.)
  16. Boris Karloff Tales of Mystery No. 47
  17. Boris Karloff Tales of Mystery No. 48
  18. Boris Karloff Tales of Mystery No. 49
  19. Bugs Bunny No. 150 (Gold Key, 1973)


  1. Chamber of Chills No. 5 (1973, Marvel)
  2. Chamber of Chills No. 6
  3. Cloak and Dagger No. 1 (1983, Marvel, the "youngest book" in the lot from my early preview of the box)
  4. Crypt of Shadows No. 4 (1973, Marvel)
  5. Crypt of Shadows No. 5
  6. Crypt of Shadows No. 6
  7. Daffy Duck No 83 (1973, Gold Key)
  8. Daisy and Donald No. 1 (1973, Gold Key)
  9. Daisy and Donald No. 2
  10. Daredevil and the Black WIdow No. 99 (Marvel, guest stars Hawkeye!)
  11. Forbidden Tales of Dark Mansion No. 10 (1973, DC, Alfredo Alcala art)
  12. The Occult Files of Doctor Spektor No. 2 (1973, Gold Key)
  13. The Occult Files of Doctor Spektor No. 3

More to come. This is just through the titles lettered "D."

Further, I've looked over some of these a little closer. I think many of these could do really well with a pro-grading and then entombed in plastic (what's it called again... CDC? CGC? I forget). What's so interesting is that many of these are kids titles and horror titles that usually got read to pieces. These ones have crisp spines, the white on the cover is still white. Wow, this is a good find!





Wow, looks like an awesome deal LJ. Can't wait to see what all you got.
...Siiigghhhhhh.........Congratulations to you , Lum .
  1. Flash No. 223 (1973, DC, Green Lantern back-up, Dr. Light is Flash's villain)
  2. Funny Animals No.1 (1984, Charlton Comics, condition-wise this is amazing. Inside pages are xerox-paper white. I wish it were from '73)
  3. Ghost Manor No. 13 (1973, Charlton Comics, Really good condition!)
  4. Ghost Manor No. 14 (Awesome condition!)
  5. Ghosts No. 14 (DC, 1973)
  6. Ghosts No. 15
  7. Ghosts No. 17
  8. Ghosts No. 19
  9. Ghost Stories No. 37 (Dell, 1973)
  10. G.I. War Tales No. 3 (1973, DC, Joe Kubert art, near white interior pages)
  11. Grimm's Ghost Stories No. 10 (1973, Gold Key)
  12. Grimm's Ghost Stories No. 11
  13. Grimm's Ghost Stories No. 12
  14. Haunted No. 13 (Charlton, DC)
  15. Luke Cage, Hero for Hire No. 10 (1973, Marvel, conditions are great on all of these, though
  16. Luke Cage, Hero for Hire No. 11
  17. Luke Cage, Hero for Hire No. 12  (Villain: Chemistro)
  18. Luke Cage, Hero for Hire No. 13
  19. House of Mystery No. 212 (1973, DC, really good art with signatures I don't recognize: "alexn" and "rubeny")
  20. House of Mystery No. 215 (Includes a 3-page spread of ads for "Pirates of the Caribbean" skeleton pirate model kits, plus a one-pager by Sergio Argones)
  21. House of Mystery No. 218 (Frank Thorne art)
  22. House of Secrets No. 108 (1973, DC, with a leering mummy on the cover)
  23. House of Secrets No. 109 (... with a caged green beast on the cover)
  24. Huey, Dewey and Louie Junior Woodchucks No. 20 (Gold Key, 1973)
  25. Huey, Dewey and Louie Junior Woodchucks No. 22




"Alexn" is probably Alex Nino.

Unsure of the other.

Hope this helps.

  1. Josie and the Pussycats No. 70  (1973, Archie, "wow!" condition except for minor wrinkling on cover)
  2. Josie and the Pussycats No. 71
  3. Journey into Mystery No. 6 (1973, Marvel, is this a pre-Thor JiM or did it get restarted?)
  4. Kitty Pryde and Wolverine No. 1 (1984, Marvel. Why did they let Al Milgrom draw this?)
  5. The Life of Pope John Paul II No.1 (1982, Marvel)
  6. The Little Monsters 21 (1973, Gold Key, excellent condition but who the hell ever heard of this book?)
  7. The Little Monsters 22
  8. Walt Disney Mickey Mouse No. 141 (1973, Gold Key)
  9. Walt Disney Mickey Mouse No. 144
  10. Midnight Tales No. 4 (1973, Charlton, white pages)
  1. Porky Pig 47 (1973, Gold Key)
  2. Porky Pig 49
  3. Prez No. 1 (1973, DC)
  4. Richie Rich Bank Book No 6 (1973, Harvey)
  5. RIchie Rich Diamonds No. 6
  6. Richie Rich Fortunes No. 12
  7. RIchie Rich Money World No. 6
  8. Richie Rich Success Stories No. 50
  9. Richie Rich Success Stories No. 52
  10. Ripley's Believe it or Not! True Ghost Stories No. 40 (1973, Gold Key, Painted covers)
  11. Ripley's Believe it or Not! True Ghost Stories No. 41
  12. Ripley's Believe it or Not! True Ghost Stories No. 42
  13. Roman Holidays No. 3 (1973, Gold Key, nice white pages)
  14. Smurfs No. 1 (1982, Marvel)
  15. Special Marvel Edition No. 13 (1973, Marvel, Sgt. Fury and the commandos)
  16. Star Trek No. 19 (1973, Gold Key, really fantastic condition!!!! And the art offers perfect likenesses.)
  17. Supergirl No. 5 (1973, DC, Zatanna and Hawkgirl backup feature.)
  18. Supergirl No. 6 (Melba Manton backup, awesome cover of a "gang lord" stealing a kiss from SG)
  19. Superman No. 268 (1973, DC, Batgirl guests)
  20. Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane No. 131 (1973, DC)
  21. Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen No. 139 (1973, DC, I have seen this cover tributed on fairly recent issue of Superman)


THere's still about 30 comics to go, I would bet. Any theories as to why these are all from 1973? Maybe mom and dad owned a grocery store for a while or something.

I have to say, most of these don't appear to have ever been read -- or at the very least read once and then stored away very securely.

I sure wish there were more Supergirls, Supermans and Superman's "friends" titles, but I won't complain too much!

  1. Teen Age Love No. 73 (1973, Charlton, Looks like there's some Mike Zeck art in there)
  2. Twilight Zone No. 50 (1973, Gold Key, painted covers)
  3. Uncle Scrooge No. 106 (1973, Gold Key, is this Barks art in this issue-length story?)
  4. Unexpected No. 145 (1973, DC, all with really neat covers)
  5. Unexpected No. 149
  6. Unexpected No. 150
  7. Unexpected No. 151 (Ernie Chan and Alfredo Alcala art)
  8. Vault of Evil No. 4 (1973, Marvel
  9. Vault of Evil No. 6
  1. Wacky Witch No. 12 (1973, Gold Key)
  2. Walt Disney's Comics and Stories No.7 (1973, Gold Key)
  3. Walt Disney's Comics and Stories No. 9
  4. Walt Disney's Comics and Stories No. 10
  5. Walt Disney's Comics and Stories No. 11
  6. Wanted, the World's Most Dangerous Villians (1973, DC, reprints 1940s stories of Superman and Sandman)
  7. Weird Worlds No. 5 (1973, DC, neither of these are in good condition)
  8. Weird Worlds No. 6
  9. Western Gunfighters No. 15 (1973, Marvel, reprints older stories)
  10. Witching Hour No. 33 (1973, DC, this one has a big tear right down the center of the cover.)
  11. Witching Hour No. 34
  12. Wonder Woman No. 206 (1973, DC, guest stars Nubia)
  13. Wonder Woman No. 207 (Bondage cover, nice condition despite a book-length cover crease, Art by Ric Estrada)
  14. Wonder Woman No. 208
  15. Woody Woodpecker No. 129 (1973, Gold Key, both in iffy condition)
  16. Woody Woodpecker No. 130
  17. Yosemite Same No. 15 (1973, Gold Key)


And that's the whole lot. I also see that most of the Disney comics are a mix of new stories and reprints, since they carry multiple copyright dates. I always listed the oldest.


Here's what amazes me: It totals out to be 114 comics, which means I got them for 21 cents each.


Any theories as to why these are all from 1973? Maybe mom and dad owned a grocery store for a while or something.

That sounds as like a fair assessment. It could be the leftovers from a picked over larger collection.

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