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Mr. Vertigo Reviews 91

Black Hammer/Justice League – Hammer of Justice!; Family Tree Vol. 3 – Forest; and Hellblazer – Rise And Fall.

Three different publishers for a change.

Art Ops

A late Vertigo series I'm just catching up with (both collections came out in 2016). Really trippy stuff, co-created by Shaun Simon and Michael Allred.

Vertigo Miniseries Tour Part 47

Vertigo Quarterly SFX: the second Vertigo Quarterly miniseries, which never got collected.

Mr. Vertigo Reviews 92

Swamp Thing – Tales From The Bayou; Invisible Kingdom Vol. 3 – In Other Worlds;  and Sweet Tooth – The Return. Two classic Vertigo stories here, even if they don't say "Vertigo" on the cover.

Road to Perdition: The Graphic Novels

Writing I have not previewed first on the board: an overview of the three Road to Perdition graphic novels.

I have read only the first of the three volumes but I liked it very much. I skipped the next two in anticipation of maybe a slip-cased box set in the future. I gave my copy to a couple who were very enthusiastic about the movie, but I can't say for sure whether or not either one ever read it. I haven't thought too much about it until recently when I was reading Lone Wolf & Cub (because of certain surface similarities). Speaking of the movie, the historically accurate name "Looney" was changed to "Rooney" for the film so it wouldn't sound too silly. That was a mistake. There is one scene I remember in particular from the graphic novel: the boy looking out from the backseat of a car with the city skyscrapers reflected in the window. That scene made it to the movie, too, but it's more impressive (I think) on the printed page. I must make it a point to check if the three volumes are available at my LCS next week. 

I've read all of the Road to Perdition volumes, although I've seen them out of order and I've never seen the movie (and can't say that I particularly want to).

The least of them is the final chapter with subpar art from Terry Beatty. I enjoyed him on Ms. Tree, but here the results just don't measure up (and look embarrassingly bad next to the two chapters drawn by José Luis García-López).

I made the same point about Beatty's art (although a bit less harshly). I don't think it stacks up against any of the prior artists, which is a shame.

You know, now that you guys mention it, I'm sure I did flip through that volume when it was released and decided to give it a pass. (I still need to replace that first volume, though, at least.)

Mr. Vertigo Reviews 93

Canopus; Destroy All Monsters – A Reckless Book; and Underground.

A bit more current than usual. Dave Chisholm sent me a pdf of Canopus, because I've reviewed his music-related comics for All About Jazz.

Short Cuts 56

Ice Cream Man Vol. 6 – Just Desserts; The Stone King; Lost Dogs; and Outer Darkness Vol. 1 – Each Other’s Throats. Comics new and old, including a ComiXology Original.

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