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Not really a blog, but I've just started revisiting my gag twitter account, Your Daily Lie.

Today's lie is for Batman Day: For three weeks in 1992, Batman gave up his utility belt in favor of utility suspenders.

I've been doing weekly essays on what I call "mythcomics"-- comics I consider to have mythical content-- and just recently passed #200, to which I devoted an essay on the last URUSEI YATSURA story.

Mr. Vertigo Reviews 66

Kill or be Killed Vol. 4; Descender Vol. 6 – The Machine War; Redlands Volume One – Sisters By Blood; and Big Hard Sex Criminals Vol. 2 – Deluxxxe.

Another all-Image installment, including two series endings and one debut.

Short Cuts 36

Dept. H Vol. 2 – After The Flood; Southern Bastards Vol. 4 – Gut Check; The Hellblazer Vol. 3 – The Inspiration Game; Shutter, Vol. 2 – Way of the World; and Zombies Vs Robots Omnibus.

New stuff, old stuff, several publishers: lots of variety in this one.

Short Cuts 37

Deadly Class Vol. 7 – Love Like Blood; Monstress Vol. 3 – Haven; Royal City, Vol. 2 – Sonic Youth;  and Everafter: From the Pages of Fables Vol. 1 – The Pandora Protocol.

Mr. Vertigo Reviews 67

Briggs Land Volume 1- State of Grace; Grass Kings Vol. 1;  and Manifest Destiny Vol. 1- Flora & Fauna.

Just one Image title, along with Dark Horse and BOOM!

Short Cuts 38

Saga Volume Nine; The Black Monday Murders Vol. 2; Curse Words, Vol. 3 – The Hole Damned World; Everafter Vol. 2 – The Unsentimental Education;  & The Wicked + The Divine Vol. 7- Mothering Invention.

One actual Vertigo in there among all the Image titles.

Mr. Vertigo Reviews 68

Gideon Falls Vol. 1 – Black Barn; Silver Volume 4; and My Heroes Have Always Been Junkies.

Another mostly Image edition.

Vertigo Miniseries Tour Part 36

The Vertigo Miniseries Tour resumes! With The Royals – Masters of War; The Kitchen; and Wolf Moon.

I examined Greg Berlanti's use of LGBT characters in the Arrowverse here.

Short Cuts 39

Black Science Vol. 8 – Later Than You Think; Moonshine Volume 2 – Misery Train; Grass Kings Vol. 2;  & Royal City Vol. 3 – We All Float On.

Another mostly Image installment.

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