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Catching Up With The Walking Dead IV

Vol. 29-31, introducing The Commonwealth, and leading up to the final collection in the series.

Mr. Vertigo Reviews 74

Die Volume 1- Fantasy Heartbreaker; She Could Fly Volume One – Obsessive Propulsion; and The Weatherman Vol. 1.

Short Cuts 43

Deadly Class Vol. 8 – Never Go Back; Skyward Vol. 2 – Here There Be Dragonflies; Redlands Vol. 2 – Water on the Fire; and Eclipse Vol. 2.

Another all-Image installment.

The Sandman Universe I

The Dreaming Vol. 1 – Pathways and Emanations; Books of Magic Vol. 1 – Moveable Type; Lucifer Vol. 1 – The Infernal Comedy; & House of Whispers Vol. 1 – The Power Divided.

The first four collections of the DC Vertigo The Sandman Universe.

Catching Up With The Walking Dead V : The End

Vol. 32: Rest In Peace - the oversized final TPB collection.

Mr. Vertigo Reviews 75: Black Badge Volume One; Sherlock Frankenste...

Black Badge Volume One; Sherlock Frankenstein and the Legion of Evil;  andThe Empty Man.

An interesting mix of publishers: two from Boom! and one from Dark Horse. No Image, or Vertigo.

Short Cuts 44

Oblivion Song Volume Two; The Beauty Vol. 5; Ice Cream Man Vol. 3 – Hopscotch Mélange; & Frankenstein Alive, Alive! – The Complete Collection.

Another mostly-Image installment.

A Series of Endings II

The Wicked + The Divine Vol. 9 – “Okay”; Paper Girls Vol. 6; & Black Science Vol. 9 – No Authority But Yourself.

Three of my favorite series (all Image) have ended at about the same time.

Short Cuts 45

B.P.R.D. The Devil You Know Vol. 1 – Messiah; B.P.R.D. The Devil You Know, Vol. 2 – Pandemonium; The Quantum Age (From the World of Black Hammer); and Infinite Dark Vol. 1.

Lots of Dark Horse for a change.

Mr. Vertigo Reviews 76

November Vol. 1 – The Girl On The Roof; Ascender Vol. 1 – The Haunted Galaxy; Rusty Brown; and Sex Criminals Vol. 5 – Five-Fingered Discount.

Short Cuts 46

Gideon Falls Vol. 3 – Stations of the Cross; Monstress Vol. 4 – The Chosen; Black Hammer – Streets Of Spiral; Lobster Johnson Volume 5 – The Pirate’s Ghost and Metal Monsters of Midtown; & The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys.

Mr. Vertigo Reviews 77

Skyward Vol. 3 – Fix The World; Days of Hate – Act One; and Days of Hate – Act Two. Two series conclusions here: technically I could have made it a "Series of Endings" entry.

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