Music? What song? By whom?

Podcasts? Which ones? Who's on it?

The whir of your hard drive while you defrag?

Whatever you're listening to, share it with the Legion of Superfluous Heroes!

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"Lovely" by Suicidal Tendencies
"Make Me Smile" - Chicago
The BBC news

on my local NPR station.

Yep, working late.
"6 O'Clock Alarm" by Truth
Heart Telegraph by The Divinyls

on the Secret Headquarters In-Store Mix
"Wade in the Water" by Rufus Zuphall
"St. Cecilia" by Stalk-Forrest Group (Blue Oyster Cult before they became Blue Oyster Cult)

Jamaaladeen Tacuma - Live in Koln
King Crimson - The Great Deceiver (Disc 4)
Gary Burton - Quartet Live
Seamus Blake Quartet - Live In Italy
Kenny Wheeler - Music for Large and Small Ensembles
Bobby Timmons - Workin' Out
Codona - Codona 2
Codona - Codona 3
Klaus Schulze - Mirage
Lonely Universe - Lonely Universe
"Crazy" by Gnarls Barkley
Courage by the Tragically Hip


and rain outside.
Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs - Under the Covers Vol. 2
Neal Alhadeff said:
Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs - Under the Covers Vol. 2

How is that? I saw that it had come out recently, and it piqued my interest.

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