The topic's as simple as its title: what comics are you reading these days?


I'm not so much curious about the going-back-to-stuff-from-the-past readings, although those are interesting; I'm wondering what books that are just hitting the stands my fellows are reading right now.


Just toss out a list, wax philosophical about why you're reading the books you are...whatever floats your boat. But let's get a look at those reading trends!

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Hey, I do that, too!

"Great minds run in the same channel."

(Or is that "Fools think alike"?)

I'm still plowing through the comics I picked up at the C.H.U.D. (Comics Here Under a Dollar) sale and at the Baltimore Comic-Con. Some of the things I picked up:

  • The Further Adventures of Nick Mason. The title character is a former superhero with the usual set of powers (flight, superspeed, superstrength) whose abilities suddenly and permanently cut out on him, so it follows him as he tries to pick up the pieces. He's very much like a retired jock who doesn't know what to do with himself after his athletic career has ended. 
  • The Wild Storm: Michael Cray. Trade paperback collection of a series about a high-tech assassin who wants to believe his assigned targets are bad people who deserve their ends. (Such guys, with the exception of Jonah Hex, never think they themselves are bad men for being killers.) Anyway, his targets are a boy billionaire who was lost at sea and learned self-taught survival skills while marooned on an island -- and now uses those skills to hunt other people while running a drug ring; a police scientist who has developed superspeed and is murdering other scientists, and other fun-house mirror versions of DC heroes.
  • Damage Control. The ever-delightful Damage Control series is back! In this go-round, a young doofus named Gus who gets a job with the company but in each issue mightily screws things up, mostly because he doesn't listen and can't follow directions. You would think they would just cut him, but no -- in each new issue, he gets moved to another department to "find the right fit." (Ah, the wonders of privilege ... ) 
  • Love Everlasting. From Tom King and Elsa Charretier, this is a spoof of the old romance comics they don't make anymore. The conceit is that in those old comics, all the stories were one-off tales, but here, our heroine Joan remembers her past experiences with the dashing heroes from the previous adventures.
  • The Human Target. I got some of the issues from the current 12-issue series in which Our Hero has to solve his own murder (he got poisoned while impersonating Lex Luthor). The various takes on the series from our fellow Legionnaires (starting here) made me interested enough to give it a try for cheap. But did what happened to Guy Gardner really happen?  If so, it couldn't have happened to a more deserving guy.

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