Criminal Minds: "Amplification"

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Jeff of Earth-J said:

He was in a Lost In Space two-parter, too.


Busy, wasn't he?

It’s my wife’s turn to pick a TV show to watch and she has chosen… The Monkees, season one!

I really hated this show when I was younger, but Tracy loved it! I really don’t know what (if anything) I’ll have to say about it (so far, nothing much a half a dozen episodes in), but it’s growing on me. I wish there was an option to turn off the laugh track, however. I only hope they do a time-travel episode (although I don’t remember on). Sure, The Monkees were a manufactured group, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t produce some of the best pop music of the era!

Lots of familiar '60s-era guest stars, too!

Hey, hey, we’re the Monkees!

I have been in the mood to watch another Irwin Allen series (either Land of the Giants or Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea) ever since we wrapped up our discussion of The Time Tunnel (led by the Baron) on this board. Well, not “ever since” (initially I wanted to take a break from Irwin Allen for a while at that point), but I knew I would be in the mood again sometime. Over the weekend we discovered that Best Buy was selling VthBotS half-season sets (regularly priced at $30-someing) at $10 each, so for $40 we picked up the first two seasons. So now we’ll be alternating episodes of The Monkees with the adventures of the Seaview for a while.

I just laid the Dark Shadows discussion to rest (so to speak) a few minutes ago. I’m going to take a break from hosting any more TV discussions for a while, but if anyone else here would care to take advantage of these great prices I would be willing to co-host.

So now we’ll be alternating episodes of The Monkees with the adventures of the Seaview for a while.


"Here we come, far below the sea....get the funniest looks from, every fish we see....

Hey, hey, we're the Sea Monkees..."

Photobucket You crack me up!

I watched Season 1 of Voyage last spring and really enjoyed it.  The show was leaning fairly heavily toward straight drama at that point.  Some of the best episodes had little or no "sci fi" elements at all.

I've been thinking about starting up Season 2 soon.  (I nearly did that for my California trip two weeks ago, but ended up taking S2 of Mission Impossible instead.)

I first started watching VthBotS on VHS via the Columbia House video tape club, but I didn't stay with it long due to the randomness of the episodes presented. (When I think of how much $ I spent on VHS tapes! But I digress...) There is a downward arc we've discussed before described by all Irwin Allen TV shows that can be fascinating to watch. I don't expect to hit it for quite some time yet. Watched the second episode last night. so far, so good. they don't make TV like this no more!

HUB just started running Alf re-runs daily. 

Another show that Action Lad is gonna love, and The Lovely and Talented is going to give me the "What did I do to deserve this?" face about.

George Poague said:

The Baron said: "Busy, wasn't he?"


It seems that in every decade, there are only a handful of truly gifted child actors, and they get all the work they can handle. Hence the constant presence, in '60s TV, of Bill Mumy, Kurt Russell and the Cartwright sisters (Veronica and Angela). Not to mention the Howard brothers, Ronnie and Clint.


These kids have their counterparts in every decade.

Ronny Howard was in an episode of Gunsmoke that TVLand ran this afternoon.

The Reds being clobbered by the Pirates. To ease the pain, I'm flipping back and forth with The Big Bang Theory.

i own on DVD just about every cartoon series that had an impact on me (most noteably Jonny Quest, Speed Racer and Spider-Man) and even several which didn't, necessarily, but I still watched (Space Ghost, Super Friends, Three Stooges, etc.). The only one noticeably missing was The Beatles, and that oversight was rectified yesterday.

Speaking of cartoon DVDs, the Popeye collections are on steep discount at Amazon right now.  (Vol, 1. with an MSRP of $64.92, is on sale for $11.91.  The other 2 volumes are similarly priced.)

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