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My mother always told me that any actress playing a love interest of a Cartwright, any Cartwright, wasn't long for this world!

Commander Benson said:

Jeff of Earth-J said:

I know you to be as knowledgeable about vintage TV as you are about Silver Age comic books, so perhaps you could answer a question for me. I know from Written Out of Television that the three flashback episodes dealing with Ben Carwright's three wives are titled "Elizabeth, My Love," "Inger My Love" and "Marie My Love" (plus I've seen two of the three years ago), but none of my recent recordings have picked up any of those three episodes. Could you pin-point them by season for me? 

With pleasure, my friend, and thank you for the kind words.

"Elizabeth, My Love" aired in season two, on 27 May 1961.  At the end of the episode, Elizabeth Cartwright (played by Geraldine Brooks) dies after giving birth to Adam.

"Inger, My Love" aired in season three, on 15 April 1962.  It may surprise you that Inger Cartwright (played by Inga Swenson) does not die at the end of the episode.  She is the only of Ben Cartwright's three wives to make a second appearance.  That comes in "Journey Remembered", airing in season five, on 10 November 1963.  This is the episode that depicts her death.

"Marie, My Love" aired in season four, on 10 February 1963.  We do not see Marie Cartwright (played by Felicia Farr) die at the end of the episode, but we are told in the non-flashback portion that she was killed at the Ponderosa when she was thrown by a horse.

Hope this helps.

Commander Benson said:

Roberts left Bonanza after its sixth season and, for me, the show went downhill after that.

Something was lost. Adam's gravitas and that of Ben helped to balance the lightness of Hoss and Little Joe. IIRC, Little Joe was always portrayed as a romantic, carefree kid and Hoss was a good man but portrayed as somewhat goofy.

"Hope this helps."

Ah, thanks! Recording seasons one and two from two different sources, watching them out and order and deleting them to save space, I thought I had seen every episode, but suspected I might have missed a few. Your post confirms it. Now I know the episodes I am interested in are one each in seasons two, three and four (and five, counting "Journey Remembered"). It might be that one of the episodes I saw years ago was "Journey Remembered" and not "Inger My Love" because I'm pretty sure Hoss's mother died in it. I'm still recording all "first run" episodes and hope one of the channels gets to the seasons I'm missing soon.

Thanks again!

My wife and I just finished watching DOC MARTIN, a UK comedy-drama about an non-social general practitioner in a Cornish fishing village. You can see the first few seasons for free on Tubi or Crackle. We finished it on Acorn. The main character is based on a character from three previous movies but changed considerably. It's pretty much an Earth-1/Earth-2 difference, but "Doc Martin" is played by Martin Clunes in both versions. I'd definitely recommend the series. Note: Sigourney Weaver plays an American tourist in a couple of episodes.

I'm watching North Woods Law. When I called my daughter in collage earlier, she told me it sounded like " an old peoples show". Foolishly, I tried to defend the show by describing the episode that was on. " An unlicenced fisherman just got a heavy fine" says I. I could hear her eyes rolling.

We've seen all the Doc Martin episodes to date (70 of them). Apparently a tenth and final season/series has been confirmed for 2021.

Anyone who like quirky characters and "dramedy" you should check it out. If you don't want to subscribe to Acorn before sampling it, it's all on DVD. Start from the beginning.

BONANZA (again) - Season 7: When I was a kid, I watched some Bonanza. As far as I knew at the time, Ben had only two sons. When I saw reruns years later it came as a surprise to me that there was a third son. We started watchjing season seven episodes yesterday. Tracy had no idea Pernell Roberts left the show, and it came as a shock to her that Adam was gone. For my own part, it was just as odd for me to watch three riders approach the foreground during the opening credits as it had been when I discovered there was an older brother all those years ago. The was no mention of Adams whatsoever in the first episode of the seventh season.

Sadly, I'd be surprised if they ever mentioned him again. Commander?

Jeff of Earth-J said: 

The was no mention of Adams whatsoever in the first episode of the seventh season.

According to this, there were "sporadic" references to Adam in later seasons.

Richard Willis said:

Sadly, I'd be surprised if they ever mentioned him again. Commander?

Jeff of Earth-J said: 

The was no mention of Adams whatsoever in the first episode of the seventh season.

BONANZA: We're several episodes into season seven now and, by this point, Adam has been mentioned a couple of times. Richard mentioned, above, that he felt the show went downhill after Adam left but, for me, that was all "recorded history" by the time I started watching. (Similarly, Hal Jordan's "wienie" phase.) Maybe my opinion would be different if I had been watching in "real time," I don't know. One thing I've noticed, jumping from season three to season seven is that, so far at least, there is a lot more filming on location as opposed to in the studio. Seen on a giant screen TV in high def, the Ponderosa has never looked better!

The opening credits of the series we're watching now all say, "Bonanza: The Lost Episodes." I don't know what makes them "lost," but whatever.

It means they weren't part of the original syndication package.


At one point, I remember Bonanza reruns were syndicated as Ponderosa

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