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I just read the first four "Chapters" of David Petersen's Mouse Guard : Winter 1152. I enjoyed the first collection, and I'm liking this one, too. Had to stop just before the big battle with the owl! My one criticism would be the little poems that introduce each chapter: they're pretty trite. Rather than elevating the pictorial narrative, they almost bring it down, because they're not as good as the visual storytelling and dialog.
My big Saturday do nothing except read comics binge:

Action Comics #880
Adventure Comics #1
Amazing Spider-Man #602
Amazing Spider-Man #603
Angel Only Human #1 (Of 4)
Blackest Night #2 (Of 8)
Fables #87
Green Lantern Corps #39
JSA Vs Kobra Engines Of Faith #3 (Of 6)
Uncanny X-Men #514
Uncanny X-Men First Class #2
X-Men Legacy #227
Farscape Gone & Back #2
Invincible #65
Mighty Avengers #28
Stand American Nightmares #5
Two more Chapters from Madame Xanadu (so that's six issues total). I'm enjoying it more as it approaches the present, and I've gotten used to the rhythm of these two-issue arcs. Excellent job on the issue where Death appears: I thought they got the dialog and the physical appearance just right. Finished the P. Craig Russell short story collection, too. A couple of wordless B&W tales with lovely surreal imagery. He really likes drawing people with wings, who aren't necessarily angels. Nice story about insomnia, again with a variety of dreamlike images.
Just finished volume 1 of Dynamo Five
Astro City: The Dark Age Book Three #4 - I was left pretty unfulfilled, and this is going to finally wrap up next year?
The Phantom: Ghost Who Walks #4
Immortal Weapons #1 - Fat Cobra's story. Very good. It also had an Iron Fist back-up.
REBELS #7 - I wish it sold a lot more than it does.
Final Crisis Aftermath: Escape #4 - blah
Fables #87 - I never thought I would miss James Jean's cover as much as I do. The new guy is fine, but Jean was just awesome.
Red Cricle: Inferno
Final Crisis Aftermath: Run #4
I reread Asterios Polyp this morning, in preparation for the Heroes discussion group this Saturday (I'd been planning to do it anyway, but that provided a deadline). My first reading had been in two sittings, this time I read it all at once, which took about 1.5 hours. There's a lot of detail that's easy to miss the first time, so it definitely rewards a quick reread.
I read the most recent Walking Dead trade, What We Become, yesterday. It's my first one since switching back to tpbs, and I have to admit, it's nice to read the story in a nice big chunk -- though I have to admit I miss the cliffhangers and the letters pages. And Morgan is back, though much changed. I'm intrigued by that most of all. Though the real emotional centerpiece of the story was the confessional conversation between Abraham and Rick.

I also read the most recent issue of Ex Machina, and things seem to really be coming to a head there. In one panel, quite literally. I'm looking forward to seeing how this story wraps up.
I started All-Star Superman, Vol. 2. There was such a big lag between this and Vol.1 that at first I though I was missing something...but no, it just starts right in with Bizarro craziness.
Secret Origins #4 - The 70s version of the series.
Uncanny X-Men #232 and 233, the first two parts of a great Brood story
More All-Star Superman, Vol. 2. Didn't quite have enough time to finish it...only about an issue left.
I've been re-reading the Avengers' Korvac Saga. Only halfway through so far.

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