I'm thinking about doing a story about Defenders "must-read" stories. It wouldn't be actual Defenders comics, of course, but instead stories about the TV roll call. Here's what I'm thinking about. Y'all feel free to chime in with your favorite ones or great ones I've overlooked.


Here we go with Elektra again, so I guess I have to point to the original Frank Miller run. But that is so last century and I'm tired of talking about it. What else? The Elektra miniseries with Sienkiewicz? (Which was pretty weird.) Maybe some other flavor of DD, like the Mark Waid run?


What's the best run of his original title? I know Randy will suggest the Dr. Doom issue (which I agree with). So I'll certainly suggest whatever reprint covers from first issue to that issue (#8?). But what else?

There's his run in New Avengers leading up to Civil War, which was also pretty good. He got a lot of attention, but it wasn't solo, so I'm not sure.

What am I missing?


I have to go with Immortal Iron Fist, which not only exploded the character's back story explosively into a huge new mythology, but was really well done. Matt Fraction wrote it, I believe, and ... Andrea Sorrentino? Somebody like that. We got Bride of Nine Spiders, Fat Cobra, Steel Phoenix, Dog Brother No. 1, Tiger's Beautiful Daughter and Prince of Orphans. Also previous Iron Fists!


Defenders watchers would certainly get a kick out of seeing the two together. What was the best run of that title? One with Colleen Wing and Misty Knight would be extra-special good to mention. Again, nothing springs to my mind, so I hope something does in yours.


Her first series was essentially adapted in her solo TV series. I guess I'd have to go with her second series, The Pulse. That's when she gets pregnant by Luke, so that's important.

But what about later? I seem to remember some New Avengers (maybe?) issues where Jessica got to show some fierce mother-bear behavior. Also, didn't Squirrel Girl have a star turn as a baby-sitter? Not our focus, but probably worth mention.

And her current series has her the closest to her TV counterpart, and is probably worth a mention.

What thinkest thou, dog brothers?

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We got Bride of Nine Spiders, Fat Cobra, Steel Phoenix, Dog Brother No. 1, Tiger's Beautiful Daughter and Prince of Orphans.

Not having read him since his original run, I'm not very familiar with his cast of friends and foes. I believe one of his adversaries in his Netflix series was Bride of Nine Spiders.

For Daredevil, you could go way back to Daredevory I have some nostalgia for. . il #10-11, which is a nice mystery story I have some nostalgia for.

IMO, no one other than Miller has ever written Elektra well The Miller/Sienkiewicz series was weird but good.

In terms of Luke's solo stuff, there wasn't much to get excited about. Your best bet likely is Dr. Doom.

For Power Man/Iron Fist, the early stuff, especially the Claremont/Byrne and Jo Duffy runs were nice, and Colleen and Misty feature prominently. However, the recent series was quite good--I know you didn't read it, but it had a nice combination of humor and action, and it was interesting to see a lot of Luke's old villains.

You know as much about Jessica Jones as I do Cap. I do know that, yes, Squirrel Girl ;was a babysitter for the Cage's (and had a brush with death due to her attraction to Matt Murdock) when Luke was in the Avengers.


I liked the Bendis run and the Brubaker run that followed.

Iron Fist

I'm nostalgic for the Claremont/Byrne run. Immortal Iron Fist, IIRC, was Fraction, Brubaker and David Aja and was very good.

Power Man/Iron Fist

The only time I read it regularly was the Jo Duffy run.

Jessica Jones

I liked Alias and the Pulse. The current series probably exists because of the TV show but I read it as a straight up continuation of Alias.

As for the actual Defenders

Tournament of Heroes is my favorite.

Unfortunately, I don't think Dr. Doom can be used. I think the character is tied up with the FF. Fox has the rights.

I think for the purpose of Cap's article, those rights are meaningless, since he's talking about the comics.

Richard Willis said:

Unfortunately, I don't think Dr. Doom can be used. I think the character is tied up with the FF. Fox has the rights.

The actual Defenders don't actually have to be off the table if they featured Hellcat.  What about the 6 Fingered Hand or Busiek's run?

Since Hellcat hasn't appeared in the Netflix shows -- she's still an ordinary Trish Walker -- I'm not going to fool with her superhero side. Misty Knight and Colleen Wing aren't Knightwing Restorations yet, so I probably won't touch on Daughters of the Dragon. I kinda want to save those recommendations for if and when the characters follow their comic book paths (or those paths are obviated). I haven't watched all of Defenders yet, so one or all could still kick the bucket.

Anyone read Defenders #1 (the current series)?

I went to my local LCS, and lucky me, they had samples of the current runs of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, Luke Cage and issues #2-4 of Defenders. So I'm curious to know if there are any good quotes, or information from Defenders #1 I need to know about.

I also got TPBs of the recent Power Man and Iron Fist and the current Daredevil run, so I'm pretty jazzed. I like knowing what I'm talking about! :)

I briefly reviewed it here. It wasn't my cup of tea. It featured an amped up Diamondback attackiing the various Defenders.  I didn't particularly like it as I just don't like Bendis' writing.

Captain Comics said:

Anyone read Defenders #1 (the current series)?

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