Has anyone read any of the following comic books?:

Adventure Comics no. 4 http://ifanboy.com/comics/dc_comics/adventure_comics/4

Dark X-Men no. 1 http://marvel.com/catalog/DARK_X-MEN.2009.1

The Brave & The Bold no. 29 http://www.dccomics.com/dcu/comics/?cm=13387

If so, what did you think of them?

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Jeff of Earth-J said:
Figserello said:
The plan has been from the start that Quitely would illustrate the first 3 issues and the final three issues of the whole 12 issue run of Batman and Robin. There has been talk that it might continue beyond that original number of issues though.

See, that's what I get for no longer following the fan press. You've just convinced me to stick with B&R through issue #12.

That's my good deed for the week.

So if you (wisely) steer away from marketing spoilerage, how do you know that Bruce Wayne's waiting in the wings?

I'm hoping he stays off the scene as long as possible.

Julian said Thanks for the information. Jeff

You're welcome!
I'm not sure it's a limited series, though. Their run might be limited, but the title will probably continue on.
I will not be suprised if the title continues as Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely make quite a team.
Morrison has said he's got plenty of ideas to continue the series. This long-form Batman story seems to have got a grip on him and he wants to write way more issues than he'd originally planned. Lets hope so.

Quitely is another matter. If we get 6 issues within 12 months from him, it'll be some kind of record! He's definitely worth it. I think he's one of the top rank artists in the medium today. His characters really 'act' with great subtlety. If three months of a fairly mediocre artist and 3 months of an artist as good as Stewart is the price we pay for 6 issues of Quitely, I'm more than happy to pay it.

I don't think comparing All-Star Superman and Batman and Robin is exactly comparing like with like. With All-Star, there was nothing between exactly what Morrison wanted to tell and the finished article. It was in its own universe, cherry-picking and refining the best of 70 years of a top-flight comic, and it could work everything towards a perfect full-stop ending.

B & R is a very different animal. The set-up has to allow for the half dozen or more(?) other current Batman titles to continue around it. A lot of the pertinent events happened outside the context of this series, and thus they had to fit the requirements of other series not this one. This Dick has a past outside Morrison's control, even if Damien's wasn't. Concerning the Red Hood, he's making a silk purse out of a pig's ear (IMO :-) ), but imagine if he could make the silk purse from scratch, from his own hand-picked materials? Then we might be a bit closer to All-Star Supes.

That's not to say that every comic series shouldn't be measured against All*Superman. Our money is hard-earned after all.
All-star Superman was a fantastic homage to superhero fantasy especially of the 60's. Superman creating miniture worlds, Lois Lane becoming a superwoman and an ordinary man like Jimmy Olsen being put to handle both an extraordinary organization and situations. Fantastic!

...I am always digging thru the forum looking for more material to read....Can anyone recommend All Star Superman...the whole series  and Adventure comics featuring Superboy Prime...the whole series?  Thanks!

In the Animated Series Batman snuck up on the Creeper, who knocked him away without even noticing he was hitting Batman. Surprising how many Batfans on youtube have tried to come up with explanations for why Creeper didn't really clobber Batman. It's like the Chuck Norris fans that are quick to tell you that he obviously let Bruce Lee beat him in that movie. I really don't want to hear any more theories on the many ways Batman could easily outsmart and defeat Superman.

"Can anyone recommend All Star Superman...the whole series...?"

I can... whole-heartedly.

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