Dudes,I know,but YOU gotta guess!!!!!!!!!!!(for a while)

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I'm guessing a writer. Is it?

...Sergio Aragones both drew for 'em ??? :-)

It's a cover~version:-)!Dudes.

One of You is SOOO Close:-)!

My guess: The Simpsons got an EC artist to do a parody of one of their original EC covers.

Ulp , dudes...It was EERIE,not CREEPY! I sowwy:-(.:-( The cat did it.

Y'see,Idid a certain amount of brain cell-killin' in my life:-) Uh,heh heh heh??:-)

  It's the same question,it just applies to EERIE,not CREEPY.Ulp!!Dudes.


It doesn't have anything to do with that RATHER INTERESTINGLY SHAPED building underneath the lady,neither:--...

The stories in the Eerie issue were all based on the cover. According to the GCD the same is true of the Simpsons issue. I like gimmicks like this; they add to the ways in which the stories appeal to the imagination. Thanks for the heads up, PL.


In the 60s The Flash did a second story based on the cover of #159 in #161. (The cover of the latter refers to "last issue's" cover as the issue in between was a reprint giant.)

Yeah.Luke,I was gonna "give one more clue" and say "Like the days of Mort and Julie...and this is my final fling!!!" for my statement:-)

And remember,sometimes a tall building...is just a tall building! :-) And sometimes it ISN'T:-).

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