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There's a 9-volume set, "The Lost Films of Laurel & Hardy," that is mostly still available. A couple of the volumes would probably be more expensive than the rest, but that set is probably the most complete collection of the silents available. The set includes some sound films, too.

George Poague said:

The L&H silents have long been available overseas. In this country, I don't know. A few of the sound shorts and features were released on DVD about a decade ago. This is reportedly the first attempt to put them all on DVD in this country.












...Yeah , I recall seeing an ad in a British film magazine for a set of some kind that , I guess , purported to be the complete Roaches , at least the soundies...But was collected by " theme " for each volume..." Stan & Ollie as sailors "...
 Laurel & Babe as married men "...I could never quite find out the full details about it .

  In the era , as referred to by the Times guy , of general TV broadcast of L&H , there were also later-day editing/retitlings...perhaps even " remixes " , to put it in the modern-day lingo , of the L&H live-action material , which got shown in my area into the 70s with that film filling , maybe . 3/4 of the half-hour and an episode of th Hanna-Barbera?? cartoon series of the mid-60s (made when Stan was still alive)( filling out the rest of the 30 mins....I once read of a MacFarlane book that listed all of these " TV-era rmixes/retitlings " (Some of which may have predated TV as later-years theatrical re-releases or home movies for the likes of Castle Films , I guess .)...Do you know where such a list may be found on the Web ?


The $100 price tag for this massive set means I wont' be buying it, but maybe they'll eventually be released in more affordable packages (as the Our Gang shorts have been).

This $100 set is $65 at Amazon.
For $65, it should be blu-ray, yes.

I liked that too, and it spurred me to look up bee sting at Wikipedia. Apparently, the stings of female honey bees are barbed. Consequently when they sting something with sufficiently thick skin they can't withdraw them, but stinging doesn't have to be fatal to them otherwise. The drones (male bees) don't have stings, and the stings of the queens aren't barbed. Finally, other kinds of bees don't have barbed stingers.

I had lunch and spent some time browsing at the former Davis-Kidd in Memphis today. I'm glad it's still open.

It's not Davis-Kidd anymore, but it's the only one, as far as I know, that is still open as a bookstore. It's now "The Booksellers at Laurelwood."

The Hastings is next door to Incredible Pizza Company and just a couple of miles from a good-sized Barnes & Noble. I think its location may be the problem. Also, I don't recall seeing any advertising for it.

Not actually today, but ...

Action Lad and I have been reading Vol. 1 of the Avengers Masterworks to each other.  The other day, he pointed out to me that in any story with the Executioner in it, he's guaranteed to say "Bah!" at least two or three times.  It's become a joke for us.  Every time we hit one of those spots, we spend a good minute or two shouting "Bah!" at each other.

Last night, we re-read Avengers #1, and darn if Loki and The Hulk don't "Bah!" a lot, too.

PowerBook Pete (The Mad Mod) said:


George Poague said:

Thanks for the link, Pete. I read somewhere that a Hastings in Memphis is about to close. Hopefully the Booksellers can hold on.

PowerBook Pete (The Mad Mod) said:

The Hastings is next door to Incredible Pizza Company and just a couple of miles from a good-sized Barnes & Noble. I think its location may be the problem. Also, I don't recall seeing any advertising for it.


With the demise of Borders and Waldenbooks, and the scaling back of B. Dalton's -- as well as the previous loss of Crown Books -- I'm finding that a bookstore isn't something one can count on being in a mall any more.

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