I saw the Thor movie and highly recommend it. I saw it in 2-D and intend to see it again in 3-D. It has a lot of Silver Age sensibility and should appeal to members of this forum, if you're having any doubts.


I had read the Tales of Asgard collection prior to the movie to get warmed up, and now I'm reading the first Essential Thor collection, and it got me to thinking about the first Thor comic I read. It was Journey Into Mystery 109 and it came in a stack of used comics my mom had bought at a second-hand store for me when I was sick, probably sometime in 1965. It was one of several old Marvels in the pile. I had been a strictly DC fan until then, and these comics opened up a whole new world to me. I especially liked this story because Magneto was such a cool villain, the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants was a weird bunch who hated each other, and they were being chased by this mysterious group of characters called The X-Men who stayed mostly off panel.


Unfortunately, I didn't much like Thor himself, although I liked the short Tales of Asgard story in the back.


I gravitated to Amazing Spider-Man, Fantastic Four and Avengers, where I liked Thor well enough as part of the team, but didn't buy any more Thors for a while.


It wasn't until  months later that I tried Thor again in Journey Into Mystery 114, the first Absorbing Man story. The dynamic Kirby cover artwork and the odd appearance of the villain got me to look, but it was the cover blurbs that got me to buy it. "The Stronger I Am, The Sooner I Die!" High drama for a 12 year old!


After this I was hooked until soon after first Kirby, and then Lee left. I came back for the Roy Thomas run and the Simonson revival, but have pretty much ignored the character since.


Having said that, I have bought or borrowed some of the stories in the recent revival and I am finding them to be highly entertaining, so I may be a Thor comics fan again. I'm taking it on a month by month basis.


So, what was your first Thor comic book?





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The oldest issue of The Mighty Thor that I purchased for cover price when it was brand new was, I believe, issue 182, with art by John Buscema, with Loki having gained the Odin-ring, which meant he got to be in charge, ordering Odin to bed and punishing Thor by removing his mouth, and then creating a creature called Durok the Demolisher and sending it to Midgard (aka Earth) to wreak havoc.  This was from just a few issues after Kirby left and Adams had already done his little fill in.  I didn't get another issue until 207, by which time Gerry Conway had taken over as writer from Lee, and my collection proper more or less began, although much later I managed to obtain much of Lee/Kirby's run from 110 on.  Despite many repetitive elements, I love most of Kirby's run on the title, particularly from about issues 113 through 165 or so, mostly contained in volumes 2 & 3 of the Essentials.  Most of the first couple of years of Thor, at least those that I have read, particularly those not drawn by Kirby, were pretty terrible.  Much as I enjoy Kirby's run, tho', Simonson's run in the mid-80s was magnificent and even after he stopped drawing but continued writing, Sal Buscema did a decent job of mimicking Simonson's style enough so that it was still highly enjoyable.  After Simonson left altogether, however, I picked up a couple of the follow-up issues, but then just quit.  By that point I was losing interest in most of the Marvel titles I'd been collecting for about 13 years by that point.

Not sure but I have a feeling it was probably the Marvel Tales reprint of the Carbon-Copy Man in #8. Which means my first sight of Thor was badly drawn and badly written. Perhaps why he wasn't one of my favorites.

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