Currently at heroes con. I had the great pleasure of meeting Mark Sullivan. As seen in the attached picture below. Mark wasn't the only one I met. The one and only Commander Benson took the photo. The commander opted out of the photo op, most likely to keep up his secret identity. It was a pleasure to meet both. There was no awkward pause. It was like seeing two old friends. Commander will accompany me to see Roy Thomas in the morning. I'm sure I'll run into Mark at the art auction tomorrow night.


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  • You'll have to click under the first post to see the pick.
  • Enjoyed meeting you, Jason, and seeing the Commander again. I think you should post the picture you took of his shoes, just for a little proof he was actually there.

  • You will see below, the shoes of the illustrious Commander Benson.


  • Yes! No one could doubt his identity.

  • The Commander is a mythical creature, like Nessie or the Yeti, who is most real when he lives in our imagination.

  • The Commander must keep his true identity a secret so his enemies  cannot strike back at the Good Mrs. Benson!

    Great that you three met! Have fun!

  • Very cool, guys!  Enjoy the con!

  • Sweet pic, guys! Glad the three of you got to meet.

  • Great picture! Sounds like a great time!

  • Meeting Commander B and Roy Thomas... wish I could have been there.

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