Who Knew Who Zodiac Was, and When did They find Out?

In another thread, we've been discussing which of the Avengers knew their secret identies.

This brought up the confusion over the membership of the villian's group, "Zodiac" and just who were their original line-up.

It seems to me that Cornelius Van Lunt (a powerful businessman) was revealed as Taurus, early on.

And eventually, blind Libra was identified as the father of Mantis, but I don't recall the why's and wherefores.

In a confusing mess, Scorpio was revealed to be Nick Fury... or was that actually his brother Jake?

That leaves about nine more to identify in some manner or another.  Who can do it? Can you list what issue saw their reveal?  Or when they were introduced. (Just listing the first appearance of Zodiac and repeating the same Avengers issue number is unavoidable, but try to go further, if you would.)

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I recall the Defenders issue where Jake was creating LMD versions of the concepts of the Zodiac, each with characters that were personifications of the aspects of their sign. I can't remember if he was presented as a true villain or not, but I do remember that he was broken hearted when one of the androids died stillborn and that's when he killed himself after listening to Judy Garland sing "Somewhere over the rainbow" while an LMD of Fury stood by.
It was about this time that I began to realize that SHIELD wasn't really a competent outfit. When they don't work their security to tell the difference between their real boss and the robotic double of that boss...

In Defenders#100, Satan, Mephisto, Satannish (from Dr. Strange), and Thog (from Man-Thing) briefly took over the world. They called each other brothers. Satan and Mephisto were definitely not the same character. Wikipedia says they now call Satan Marduk, a Babylonian god that according to Dungeons and Dragons breathed fire. Strange they got rid of Satan but kept Satannish, who Dr. Strange attempted to merge with Mephisto into a single being in one story, saying they'd started out that way. They fought off the merging because they wanted to remain independent of each other.  
Henry R. Kujawa said:


"We eventually learn that the other party involved is in fact Mephisto, although there is some room for doubt since it is also supposedly Daimon Hellstrom's father."

NO. That is total B***S***.  The main villain in the early issues of the Johnny Blaze GHOST RIDER is SATAN.  The "real" one (heehee), the one in Christian mythology.  The only reason it was ever retconned was because ONE person had a problem with it... and he happened to be in charge.  ("Because I SAID so, DAMMIT!!!")   : )

The stories Gary Friedrich, and even better, Tony Isabella, wrote, simply do not work as well if the villain is "Mephisto" pretending to be someone else.  Ditto for Satan's appearances in DR. STRANGE and TOMB OF DRACULA (both with scary-as-HELL art by Gene Colan & Tom Palmer).

This is the same editor who once ordered Doug Moench to write Dum Dum Dugan using "proper English", when Dugan had been speaking his own brand of English since 1963.

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