I was looking at the new costume promos, the Flash in particular:

I'm having real difficulty with the incredible stupidity of this costume design.

We're talking a super speedster with a ton of little crap all over the suit that will cause massive drag and vibration when he moves at speed. Those wires will be screaming and shattering windows when they start vibrating. And unless it's made of some sort of extra-terrestrial compounds, that whole mess is going to start flying apart, generating supersonic shrapnel when he's speeding.

It's not merely an ugly costume, looking far worse than the 90s TV outfit, it's also a brutally stupid one. One that would rapidly have others calling him The Flasher as it tears itself apart. Seriously - it seems so stupid to me that i'm starting a new word to cover it: DCEUpid.

(No, it's not a good word. It's a stupid word, but that feels right, too)

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The Affleck Batman is the first time they got the cowl right, imo. The ones prior all looked ridiculous or, in the case of Christian Bale, seemed to be choking him and causing him to speak with a lisp.

Back when Adam Warlock was known as 'Him' he wasn't wearing much.

I think the Silver Surfer is essentially just wearing swim trunks.

For a period when he was in the Avengers  Hercules only wore trunks as well.

The Beast when he's in furry mode.

Amadeus Cho's Hulk pretty much just wears compression pants.

Alpha Flight's Sasquatch.

Toro famously only wore shorts.

I forget the Black Condor's costume, but I'm pretty sure he doesn't wear anything above the waist.

Ka-Zar of course.

If you want to call him a hero, Werewolf by Night only wears pants.

Now I'm wondering wear Wolfsbane's clothes go when she transforms.

Captain Comics said:

What other barely dressed male characters are there?

The Golden Age is full of guys that might just need costumes to get back in.

There's also Cosmic Boy's "Chippendales" look from the '70s ... 

Randy - Luchadore masks are designed to be functional, and drawn very tight to the face to avoid displacement & unmasking. Hollywood superhero masks are usually designed to create a "look" and often have sculpted sculpted features, ridges, etc., that create a minor tunnel effect. Minor, but it doesn't take much when you've got to maintain awareness of not only other moving people, but also your own damn costume that extends "you" out further than your body is conditioned to expect. Some of the Batman masks in particular create a fairly deep tunnel effect.

As you know, form far outweighs function on the Hollywood priority list.

Oh! And i think that Black Condor really didn't wear that much below the waist, either. Trunks and folded boots, if memory serves.

EDIT:  has nobody mentioned Dr. Manhattan?

A few others:
Metamorpho just wears swim trunks/shorts
Hulk originally wore purple swim trunks, then his tattered purple pants for decades
The Spectre wears just shorts, gloves, and boots (along with his cape/hood, of course)-- the white is his skin
Cryll (Space Ranger) just wears shorts
Zook is naked
In the Golden Age, Phantasmo didn't wear much, and Kismet, Man of Fate is shirtless
And, it's been argued that originally the Silver Surfer was naked

Randy Jackson said:

It's long been a complaint of actors in superhero movies that they can't see out of the masks.

It's been said a few times that relieving oneself is often a major issue.

Until he was brought back in the Silver Age, The Golden Age Atom had bare legs and mostly bare arms.

The Wraith from Mystery Men Comics wore the winding sheet and nether garment he was buried in. On his first outing he didn't even have those white shoes. But Zook takes the prize, I think.

I'm pretty sure that the main reason that Zook was classified as a pet instead of a sidekick was so that his "costume" could pass the Comics Code.

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