You are my go-to guy for all things DC prior to 1982, sir!


I have a 2010 calander up in my house.  Each month has a different golden or silver age DC cover featured. 


This month, due to Valentine's, the featured cover is Superman #120.  On it, Superman is standing with a blonde woman before the Justice of the Peace.  The woman has a large diamond on her finger and they are obviously getting married.  Standing to one side is poor Lois Lane thinking "I've lost Superman forever!".  My father-in-law was over the other night, a very distinguished retired Texas A&M engineer, and he took me aside and quietly asked, "What happens in that story?".  I had to admit...I didn't know. 


Can you help me, Commander?

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I sure can, Doc. Better than that, if you're a fan of The Adventures of Superman, you've probably already seen it on television.

The story reflected on the cover---"The Day Superman Got Married"---describes how the Man of Steel meets Perry White's niece, Joyce White, and the two immediately fall in love. This, of course, is to Lois Lane's considerable dismay and jealousy. Superman and Joyce get married. And, yes, it is a hoax, enacted to bring crime boss Coup Colby out of hiding.

Colby---as the readers eventually find out that Superman had anticipated---figures that if he has Mrs. Superman as a hostage, he and his gang can commit crimes without interference by the Man of Steel. However, when Colby makes his move to kidnap Joyce, Superman arrives on the scene. Colby shoots Joyce, only to discover that she is a robot created by Superman in a plan to smoke Colby out of seclusion.

That issue was cover-dated March, 1958, which means that it hit the stands about two months before, around January of 1958. Interestingly, the episode of The Adventures of Superman which aired on 31 March 1958 was titled "Mrs. Superman", and the plot was virtually identical to "The Day Superman Got Married". With a difference.

Instead of a robot, the woman Superman "married" in the television episode was actually an undercover policewoman, Sergeant Helen O'Hara (played by Joi Lansing---hubba hubba!). But, otherwise, events elapse pretty much the same as in the comic-book story. (I don't remember the dodge that was used in the television episode to keep the marriage from being legitimate, but it was meant to be a hoax and for the same purpose.)

Other than that, I don't know too much about it. Hope it helps.
Even after 52 years that cover is still doing its job: getting people to ask, "What happens in that story?"
Thank you very much, Commander!
Joi Lansing? I don't recall that episode. Now I must seek it out!

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