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Relocating the Marvel Universe -- North Carolina

Yes, you read it right -- "Relocating the Marvel Universe" is back and we've continued our trip down the Atlantic Coast to North Carolina, the home of a great college basketball program and a whole lot of lighthouses.

But writing this entry proved to be a bit more difficult than I first expected. You see North Carolina just isn't very conducive to…


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Relocating the Marvel Universe turns to Washington, D.C.

It's been months since my last edition of "Relocating the Marvel Universe," where I profiled the Marvel heroes of Virginia.

What's this you ask? Superheroes in Virginia? Yep, in this blog series, I've moved the heroes of the M.U. out of the…


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Behind the comic-book ad: Record Club of America

I moved to York, Pa., about 12 years ago, and my wanderings through the area lead me to an interesting discovery: This was once the headquarters to the Record Club of America, a company that frequently advertised in 1970s-era comics.

Through a little bit of internet Google-fu and some on-site snooping, I've found a little bit about the company that duked it out with BMG and Columbia House, two more well-known music mail-in clubs.

You can read all about it in the…


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What are your favorite cartoon title segments?

Over at my website, Comics on the Brain, I take a look at 15 of my favorite cartoon title sequences. Now I'll be the first to admit that my list is just for me. It isn't the "Best Ever" or "World's Greatest" cartoon opening titles. They're just mine, as shaped by my own experience.

(And boy do I get…


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The secrets of Secret Empires!

Have you ever wondered why people sign up to be part of a supervillain's army? They're sure to get their face beaten in. They might even serve time in jail. They work in horrible conditions: Guarding canisters of poisons, go on patrols through experimental particle facilities, and everyone around them is armed to the teeth.

It's just not exactly what you'd call an OSHA-approved workplace.

But they do it anyway. Why?

Find out a few of the reasons in the latest edition of…


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Truth, Justice and Captain Ray

In the 1980s, the Super Powers Collection, a toyline based on DC Comics characters, was licensed for use in a variety of countries. In Brazil, kids must not have been satisfied with playing with American heroes such as Batman and Superman.  Fixing that problem, toy company Gulliver Juguetes decided to add their own character to the mix: Captain Ray!

Who is he? What are his powers? Did he ever fight Superman in the skies over Buenos Aires?…


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This place is infested with Smurfs

It's been odd to see that in the last year or so, the appearance of Smurf merchandise has really picked up steam. Part of this is the remnants of Smurfs 50th anniversary celebration, which occurred in 2008, and the rest is a slow build to the upcoming live-action and CGI Smurf movie.

But the strange thing about this little trend is that almost none of what you might see on the store shelves is all that new. In fact, much of it is recycled…


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Life in the great state of Virginia -- Marvel Universe-style!

As "Relocating the Marvel Universe" continues to ring the Washington, D.C., area, this blog series takes a look at the heroes of Virginia, and among them you'll find the king of Atlanteans, a man-demon, a Man-Wolf and even a few mutants.

What's "Relocating the Marvel Universe"? It's my blog series on how the Marvel Universe would…


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All you ever needed to know about the Commies

While browsing around on Wikipedia, I came across the entry for a Hungarian-born cartoonist. That's pretty rare for me while on Wikipedia since I often wile away the hours hitting the "Random Article" button.

Reading through the story of the Hungarian's life, I was intrigued by a link. It took me to the Web version of his most famous book: "The Red Primer for Children and Diplomats," an editorial cartoon version of the rise of Communism.

It's a critical look at one of the dominant… Continue

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Relocating the Marvel Universe -- Marvel's Merry Maryland

My blog series, Relocating the Marvel Universe, continues along with the state of Maryland, which features one of my favorite Marvel heroes of them all -- The Jack of Hearts.

But my favoritism aside, it's also the tromping ground for two mutants, a robot and a six-armed freak. Just like the 31 other states I've covered in the series that pulls Marvel's heroes out their typical setting of New York City and peppers them around the entire United States… Continue

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Charlton heroes vs. the Justice League

Ever since the big "birthday gift" deal that brought the Charlton heroes to the DC Universe, the Charlton guys have played second fiddle to DC's premiere heroes. Well, they've had enough of it. Forming together under Project Bullseye, the Charlton heroes, led by the likes of Captain Atom and Blue… Continue

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Looking back at comic book adverts: Jedi Arena

The flood of video game ads opened up when the Atari 2600 hit

stores in the 1980s, and really hasn't stopped since then. Looking back over the last

30 years of mainstream comics, you can bet there's at least one

full-color ad in every one of them.

To look back at "Star Wars: Jedi Arena," one of the ones I remember well, and a ... uh ... honest-to-goodness transcript of its development meeting, visit… Continue

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Relocating the Marvel Universe -- New Jersey (A totally all-new entry!)

Yes, it's been literally years in coming, but at long last, my blog series "Relocating the Marvel Universe" has its first totally new entry.

Finally leaving where the old CaptainComics.US board discussion left off*, "Relocating the Marvel Universe -- Part 30 -- New Jersey," explores the Garden State and is a prime example of just how much the… Continue

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Comics I Bought Today: At the mercy of ... the Electrician!

I liked my "Utterli" version of Comics I Bought Today, so I'm keeping it. Why not go ahead and listen to my latest comments on my recent purchases ... and my electrician, a vile man who says he doesn't want my house to burn down, but I don't buy that for a second.

Hear all about it… Continue

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From PreviewsWorld: The Dog Days of Summer

I'm lucky enough to occasionally be asked by Diamond Comic Distributors to write an article for their monthly catalog, PREVIEWS.

Well, in this month's edition I have one such article. It's called the Dog Days of Summer.

In case you don't get PREVIEWS from your comics retailer, you can read it…


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Explore Vermont and New Hampshire -- Marvel U. style

Relocating the Marvel Universe, my fanboy blog series to push the heroes of the Marvel Universe out of New York City, moves into New Hampshire and Vermont.

In New Hampshire, Thor Girl enjoys her days at the Lake. Read about New Hampshire here.

In Vermont, we have the little-known Mechamage on patrol. Read about… Continue

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Pop culture pops at Geppi's Entertainment Museum

Right next to Camden Yards in Baltimore is Geppi's Entertainment Museum, an institution dedicated to pop culture from the late 1800s to today.

Developed by Steve Geppi, well-known comic and memorabilia collector and the guy who runs Diamond Comics Distributors, this is an awe-inspiring museum for young and old alike.

Read more about Geppi's… Continue

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"Relocating the Marvel Universe" hits New York

There's more to the Marvel Universe than New York City -- that's the whole focus of my "Relocating the Marvel Universe" series. Well, in this entry, I finally hit New York state -- my home state. Sure, there's plenty of characters in NYC, but Buffalo, Syracuse, Rochester and other cities get their share of heroes too.

Wanna read who goes where and why I put them there?… Continue

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Comics I Bought Today 13: There be podcasts here!

Comics on the Brain goes all podcasty on you for the 13th edition of Comics I Bought Today, where I give brief overviews of why I bought what I bought on New Comics Day for 7/22/2009.

Give a listen by clicking RIGHT… Continue

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Downward Spirals #4

The Downward Spirals, the world's only comic strip about hockey-playing marsupials, returns today as the team captain reminisces about his childhood sports experiences.


For more Downward Spirals comic strips, sketches and commentary, click… Continue

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Publisher News

The Justice League comes to an end in 'Justice League' #75

Posted by Captain Comics on January 20, 2022 at 5:30pm 0 Comments

Joshua Williamson & Rafa Sandoval Team up for the Final Issue of JUSTICE LEAGUE out on April 19…



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