Big news week for DC, eh? I imagine the changes with Wildstorm and Zuda will shake out on the digital side in the coming weeks. For now, they’re both still searchable as imprints on Comixology, and unless something dramatically changes in the organization of the titles, I’ll probably keep breaking digital releases down into their original imprint.

First things first: Someone went back to the beginning of time and rewrote history. Because when I wrote last week’s post, the only issue of Crisis on Infinite Earths that was available was the free issue #1 that was part of the Event promotion. But sometime after my Thursday post, Crisis Nos. 2 through 6 showed up as new releases on Sept. 15. Personally, I blame the Anti-Monitor.

Anyway, this week – a week of few surprises, other than the larger company-organization kind – sees the DCU release Crisis issues 7 through 9. I assume next week will see the concluding three issues, including the dawn-of-time issue pictured at left. (And then, maybe the crossovers, so I can see the sky in Blue Devil turn red? Actually, even the red-skies issues would be a great cross-section of comics from a time gone by…)

It’s a little more likely the 10-page preview will become a weekly thing; this week’s is the entire Jimmy Olsen story from next week’s Action Comics, and it’s terrific fun. Plus, I read it with the “Guided View” panel tool on, and it worked pretty well. If you get a chance, give it a look.

Other than that, the DCU follows its familiar pattern this week. Birds of Prey gets two issues, the Ra’s Al Ghul crossover gets two more (Robin and Nightwing), and the rest of the tried and true —Batman, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, JLA, Jonah Hex, Superman/Batman and Generation Lost (day and date) each get a new issue. The Heinberg/Dodson Wonder Woman continues, too, with issue #4 and the conclusion in Annual #1. The free origin is of the Joker.

Vertigo also has its usual fare: American Splendor (the first issue of Season Two), DMZ, Fables, Sandman, and Y.

Zuda offers its usual four books, but with two twists: First, neither Bayou or High Moon are among them; and second, there are two free debuts this week: Michael Walton’s supernatural thriller Dual, and Sheldon Vella’s robot story, Supertron. (I suspect the ending of the imprint had something to do with the change in schedule; best not to keep creators and fans guessing about the fate of their favorite projects.) Blood Hunters and I Rule the Night round out the pack.

Wildstorm has one debut this week: a free 0 issue of Telara Chronicles, the first part of a videogame tie-in miniseries. Other than that, it has standbys Ex Machina, Supernatural (which ends its run, unless they release the specials), Gears of War, and —what apparition is this? Victorian Undead #4? It’s been months since this title was seemingly abandoned mid-miniseries. And yet it walks again!

The DC Store has the Jimmy Olsen story in Action Comics as the banner, and American Splendor, Wonder Woman and Crisis as the buttons.

A couple other items of interest: Nick Spencer, writer of that great Jimmy Olsen story I mentioned above, has a few more comics released this week (presumably to capitalize on his higher profile from the Chloe Sullivan publicity. There’s his new book, Morning Glories, as well as the first two issues of his 2009 miniseries, Existence 2.0

Also, The Middleman is being released; issues 1-4 have been available for a little while now, with issue 1 for free. Plus, The Walking Dead has finally caught up with publication; there are currently more issues of The Walking Dead on the site than there are of Batman. And this week saw the release of more issues of Fell and Jack Staff, as well.


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Comment by Cavaliere (moderator emeritus) on September 23, 2010 at 9:33pm
I bought the new issue of Generation Lost (one terrific issue, even for a series that has been terrific overall) and the two Birds of Prey back issues.
Comment by Rob Staeger (Grodd Mod) on September 24, 2010 at 1:48am
I've been hearing nothing but good things about Generation Lost. I hope to read it in trade!


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