Relocating the Marvel Universe -- Part 20 -- Indiana

Did it ever bother you that all the superheroes in the Marvel Universe hang out in the Big Apple? Well, for the longest time the New York City-shackles bothered me too. So, I broke out all my "Marvel Universe" handbooks and a map of the U.S., and I started redistributing all the heroes (and a few villains) across the U.S. To help justify the move, I even provided a story hook or two.
That's what I did today with Part 20 of my series called "Relocating the Marvel Universe."
In this entry, I took on Indiana.
Wanna see some of my nutty ideas? Well, click away!
(And if you're really interested, there's a link at the bottom to all the previous entries in the series.)

For those who are already familiar with this entry (since early drafts were published on the old board), give it a try because I've added new details, photos and links for every hero who would call the Hoosier state home ... if I ran the MU.

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