Well here we are to my third box of unread comics. For those who haven't followed, theoretically I read a comic a day of comics I bought and never got around to reading. Some of them going back to the early '90s (well when I bought them I should say). I will review some of those comics. I tried to post one once a week, but I do get lazy. 



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Travis Herrick said:
Geez, how does that android get more play than I do?

The Vision is a sexy hombre. Girls like the whole moody, dark-eyed outsider bit.

Its no surprise they were queuing up!


Man, I love those type of covers, like we have above.


I've been seeing a lot of them lately, and whatever the first one was, it gets 'homaged' a lot.


I wonder is this the first, complete with speed lines?



The Avengers cover was produced a year after the JLA one btw

The above cover was likely a reuse of the cover idea from Justice League of America #56.



Then my next question is whether JLA #56 was the first?

Philip, no I don't have the whole run. I have these two issue, and I think one of the Giant-Sized comics, and that's it. It has been collected right? Also, I would have killed to have that hat on my old avatar.


As for the oft homaged cover, you would think it first appeared in some sort of Golden Age comic...maybe?

It's been collected in Essential Avengers, Vol 5-7, The Celestial Madonna TPB and The Avengers/Defenders War TPB.

I suppose the imagery need not even have originated in comics. On the other hand, classic cover designs have to start somewhere, and cover design was one of Carmine Infantino's fortes.

Daredevil #188

Nov. 1982

Cover art by: Frank Miller


Story: The Widows Bite

Writer: Frank Miller

Art: Klaus Janson (including colors oddly enough)


The Black Widow has been poisoned and people from her unnamed agency are trying to take her in for some help apparently. She escapes from them and runs to her old friend Boris. She tells him her problem – poisoned, being chased – before she leaves she warns him they will be at his place next. She heads to Daredevil's place, but since he isn't there she leaves. She also stops by Matt's girlfriend's apartment (just hangs outside the window), but soon leaves.


Meanwhile, Matt is in his townhouse, but is in the basement isolating himself in a sensory deprivation tank. Stick is there talking to him telepathically trying to figure out what is wrong with him. Matt tells Stick he was exposed to some more radiation, at it has caused his senses to be hypersensitive and causes him pain. Stick calls him a wuss, and tries to get him to leave the tank.


Next, we peek in on the Hand who have resurrected their former enforcer Kirgiri, and has tasked him with killing Stick. Giving him a few addresses to check out. A quick check-in with Foggy and Becky as they are worried that Matt hasn't been heard from in days, and they are angry as well.


Since Natasha can't find Matt she goes to visit the Kingpin, since he is real easy to find. She roughs up some of his goons, but once she realizes he doesn't know where DD is she leaves. The problem is now she is staring to dissolve from the poison.


Back at Matt's place Stick is still communicating with Matt. Basically telling him that the initial radiation didn't cause his powers to form, it just jump started them and he always had them. The previous radiation didn't really do anything long-term either and has worn off by now. At this he is attacked by Kirgiri. Matt emerges from his tank to “see” what is going on after losing contact with Stick. Stick tells him to relax and pay attention to what happens. Stick's other pupils, Shaft, Claw, and Stone, attack and subdue Kirgiri in 6 panels. Quite the one-sided fight. Not very impressive for a guy who, “served a score of jonin...across a span of centuries” The Black Widow arrives and collapses



Man, do I love that Frank Miller cover. I dig Black Widow's simple costume here, except the big spider emblem on the back is too Spider-man like for me. Just a couple of fight scenes here, but nothing too exciting as they were both very lopsided. I think Black Widow's visit to Boris and Heather was just to recap what has been going on previously without using a bunch of caption boxes. A nice way to bring people up to speed, I thought. Stick and his trainees were fun to see here, even if it was briefly. I've always liked Stick's no nonsense personality. He isn't much for coddling Matt.


Klaus Janson's art is superb, and I don't hide the fact I love it so. I give this comic 7 stings.

It's a great cover alright, and the content sounds like fun too.  It's been a long time since I reread Miller's Daredevil, and I'm looking forward to when I do. 


So Miller didn't draw it?


To think everyone took stuff like this for granted at the time...


Does Natasha have short hair in this? And does her costume include the belt of big discs?  That was a classic costume.  I don't remember the spider on her back, but if so, she did have the spider on black background long before Spidey.

Toward the end of the Frank Miller/Klaus Janson run on Daredevil, Miller stopped drawing it and Janson started penciling and inking, to maintain visual continuity and to stretch his artistic muscles. Before then, Janson hadn't done much, if any penciling. 


As for the Black Widow's costume, Miller gave her the gray costume and the short haircut. He figured the long hair would get in the way for somebody who does what she does, what with the acrobatic fighting and martial arts and all. And he drew her with some muscle; I recall he once said most superhero women (I'm looking at you, pre-Crisis Wonder Woman) look like the strongest exercise they get is taking a bath.

I think Miller stopped drawing Dardevil after #181 with Klaus Janson (his inker) taking over.

This story is the first with the Black Widow's short hair and grey outfit. My feeling, at the time, was that Marvel and/or Miller wanted Natasha to be a stand-in for the "dead" Elektra because the Widow got a lot more dangerous after this! She almost was a brand new character!  

Thanks for the info, guys.


Years ago, when I visited my sister and her then-boyfriend in London after not seeing them for months, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that they'd both lifted their flatmates copy of the collected Miller Electra saga off the shelf and enjoyed it.  Neither were in the habit of reading comics at all at the time, never mind mainstream superhero comics.


This accessiblity makes Miller's Daredevil extremely fantastic in my eyes.  The way Miller leavened his superhero tale with his Noir, TV crime drama and Japanese martial culture influences made it something less inward-looking and 'ghettoised' than standard superhero fare.  Current comics writers could learn a lot from this...


Speaking of Noir influences, that cover is a wonderful literalisation of what the classic Femme Fatale does to the hero in the old Noir stories.

As Clark mentioned Janson did a great job of keeping the Miller-feel to this series with the art.


Good story, Figs. I always love it when a non-comic reader gets pulled in.

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