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Back to Fabletown.

As referred to on Cap's blog, here are some of the posts that I put up as I read my way through Bill Willingham's Fables epic.  


I saved them before all the Vertigo Discussion group was closed down.


Having read 70+ issues, I couldn't take any mor

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The New Supergirl

Looking at Lee's list now, the one that interests me most as a concept is Supergirl.  Sad to think that when Supergirl launched in 2005 to such hype and fanfare, she quickly went from being an oversexualised laughing stock to a badly managed, largely

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Reading Siege

So I've started reading Siege, the Marvel event which ran through the Winter-Spring of 2009-2010.



I thought I kind of owe it to myself to read to the end of Siege, as I'd bought into Marvel Comics in a big way, from Civil War all the way through t

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ROM - Spaceknight!

I recently got my hands on a run of Rom comics from 7-24 plus a smattering of other issues.  I can add these to my copies of #40-60 plus a few others that I already had.


So far, I’ve read up to the end of issue 18, which went a little bit like this

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