Iron Man #251

December 1989

Cover art by: Herb Trimpe

Story: Wrecked Him? He Nearly Killed Him!

Writer: Dwayne McDuffie

Pencils: Herb Trimpe

Inks: Al Milgrom

I love the look of maniacal glee on The Wrecker's face on that cover.

As I mentioned in an earlier review that I loved the idea behind “Acts of Vengeance”, but that I just didn't get to read much when it came out. It makes sense that the heroes would mix it up with different villains. We just don't see it enough, IMO.

Here the Wrecker has been tasked by the Kingpin to kill Iron Man. The Wrecker hopes that the money he earns will bring Thunderball back to his side, and they can then free the rest of the Wrecking Crew from prison.

He attacks a new Stark facility, one that is building new prosthetic limbs, and hoverchairs to replace wheelchairs. When they do meet, Iron Man isn't sure how to handle the Wrecker, as he has only read about him. Unfortunately, he gets way to close, and Wrecker just clobbers the Ironclad Avenger. He almost pries Tony's head off, before IM is able to escape.

One of the workers at the facility is Curtis Carr the original Chemistro, he calls his brother (the current Chemistro) to come help. His brother refuses, since he just joined up with a villain group, and that might be perceived as a conflict of interest.

Well Tony's power supply is really depleted, so when he next grapples with the Wrecker, he magnetizes his armor, and the Wrecker's crowbar. They are then flung apart by the forces. The Wrecker holds on to his crowbar for dear life. Too bad for him as his crowbar attracts a bunch of cars. Crushing and defeating him.

Iron Man is resting on the ground when Chemistro shows up, not to help, but to finish the job the Wrecker started.

A really fun read, with some old-school knock down drag out fighting. I am normally indifferent to thought balloons, but McDuffie uses them to a nice comedic effect during all of the destruction. We get thoughts from Tony like:

“No way my insurance covers this.”

“I go through more planes...”

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