Ok, how about this for an idea.  We take it in turns to post a favourite (British spelling) comic cover every day.  This went really well on the comic fan website that I used to frequent.  What we tried to do was find a theme or subject and follow that, until we all got bored with that theme.  I'd like to propose a theme of letters of the alphabet. So, for the remainder of October (only 5 days) and all of November, we post comic cover pictures associated with the letter "A".  Then in December, we post covers pertaining to the letter "B".  The association to the letter can be as tenuous as you want it to be. For example I could post a cover from "Adventure Comics" or "Amazing Spider Man".  However Spider Man covers can also be posted when we're on the letter "S".  Adventure Comic covers could also be posted when we're on the letter "L" if they depict the Legion of Super Heroes.  So, no real hard, fast rules - in fact the cleverer the interpretation of the letter, the better, as far as I'm concerned.

And it's not written in stone that we have to post a cover every day. There may be some days when no cover gets posted. There's nothing wrong with this, it just demonstrates that we all have lives to lead.

If everyone's in agreement I'd like to kick this off with one of my favourite Action Comic covers, from January 1967. Curt Swan really excelled himself here.

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Here's a character not previously seen this month.  I assume the Peter vs Flash action is taking place in a boxing ring, even though the ring itself is not shown

We’re nearing the end of the month, so it’s time to clear out the folder.  “Boxing rings” has been a lot of fun, and it a bit of a challenge.  As we usually do, we stretched the theme a bit (“boxing,” “wrestling”), but there are a surprising number of covers out there.  Actually, someone could have probably posted a different Joe Palooka cover for every day of the month.  Here are some covers that stretch the boundaries.  First is a pro wrestling cover, with Howard the Duck, that I don’t think we’ve had so far.  Next a couple of amateur wrestling covers with the Archie gang, and finally, a sumo wrestling cover.

I couldn’t resist one more boundary-stretcher.

For me, last (and definitely least), from 1943. I swear that the cover reminds me of bad fanzine art from my teen years.

So July will be Empty Uniforms, right?

I had time to kill yesterday, so I put together a file with 37 covers featuring “empty uniforms.”  In some cases I took some license.  There doesn’t seem to be as many as there was with “boxing,” although the 37 I downloaded do not represent all of them.  There is one “character” who has at least 13; I picked only a few.  I don’t expect to be able to post all 37; I fully expect to be beat to the punch (opps, sorry about the boxing pun) with many of them.  It will be interesting to see what everyone finds.

Richard Willis said:

So July will be Empty Uniforms, right?

Here's a reminder of what we have to look forward to (or look for) over the forthcoming months.
Peter Wrexham said on May 29, 2019:

Okay, so that makes the schedule:

  • June - covers featuring a boxing ring
  • July - covers featuring empty uniforms
  • August - covers featuring beaches
  • October - graves/tombstones/haunted houses

That leaves September undecided.  Other suggestions we've had, which could go in there, are:

  • Motor bikes
  • Apes
  • Two groups of heroes (or a group of heroes and a group of villains) lined up to fight each other

No rush.  We've still got three two months to decide!

Dave Palmer said:

someone could have probably posted a different Joe Palooka cover for every day of the month.

Not quite that many, though I do still have eight Joe Palooka covers that haven't been used.  The trouble is, they're just pictures showing a professional boxer in a boxing ring, which isn't particularly surprising or interesting, so I won't be using them.  

On the other hand, even though Wildcat was also a professional boxer, he's a super-hero too, so it's much more interesting seeing him in the ring.  Here are two more covers, including another "Wildcat vs Wildcat" match.

This was also posted among last month's "Wanted" posters, by Jeff of Earth-J.


Another boxing ring romance, and another gorilla in the (wrestling) ring.

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