Hey all... just wanted to put anyone who cares on the alert that DC Rebirth spoilers have been leaked on Reddit, and they're starting to show up other places. I've seen reference to them on Bleeding Cool, and I think Newsarama has a list up, and I think IGN has something up too. So far, I haven't seen anything leaked in headlines and I don't know what the leaks are, but I just wanted everyone to know that they're out there. So be on your guard.

(Newsarama also has a spoiler-free review up which I skimmed... but looked very positive.)

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I have to say I have been liking what I've been reading of the DC Rebirth stuff, and I did get the Batman issue that has The Button in it (I read this book anyway).

I'll be interested to see where this whole Batman: Metal thing goes!

I'm definitely interested in seeing what's up with Metal, too. (I'd forgotten about this short backup, but there were a few pages in Detective 950 in which Batman explains to Tim Drake that he's been gathering these teams together to deal with an oncoming threat he sees in the future...and at the end, it says, "for more, see Dark Days: Metal in 2017!" or something to that effect. So expect the Detective team and the JLE to be involved.) 

But my main concern right now is what's happening with Imra in Arkham Asylum. I want my Legion back...!

I reread the DC Rebirth one-shot that started the whole thing, and there was also a scene in which Wally manifests in front of Johnny Thunder, now an old man in a nursing home. We haven't seen that touched on again, as far as I know. (My favorite part of that is, just as Wally is beginning to appear, Johnny says "I see you" -- an echo of his famous magic words to summon the Thunderbolt, Cei-U. And then Wally appears in lightning.

As we've discussed on it's own thread, I found The Button unsatisfying -- the first crossover misstep* I've read from DC since Rebirth; after a promising premise, it really failed to stick the landing.

I'm still enjoying plenty of what I'm reading in the DCU, though -- the Superman and Batman titles are generally really strong (though the post "Man of Tomorrow" continuity recap in Action Comics sagged a bit), and I'm enjoying Flash, Wonder Woman, Titans, Deathstroke, and Kamandi Challenge. I recently dropped Justice League, Justice League of America, Trinity, and Super Sons, but most of those weren't bad -- just not grabbing me entirely. 

I just took a chance on a recent done-in-one issue of Nightwing and enjoyed it. I also hopped on for the first issue of "The Rise of Star City" in Green Arrow, but I think I'll pass on the rest for now -- it seems more like the culmination of this past year of stories than the beginning of something new. So I'll wait until "Hard-Traveling Hero" starts up to give the book another chance.

Also, I picked up 3 issues of Blue Beetle during a Comixology sale, and they were a lot more fun back-to-back for $1 than they were at $3 off the shelf. I'm looking forward to reading more once he's featured in another sale down the road.

*The crossovers I've read and enjoyed: Night of the Monster Men, Justice League vs Suicide Squad, and Man of Tomorrow. There's probably another one in there that I'm forgetting. I'm reading The Lazarus Contract now, and the jury's still out. It doesn't feel particularly ambitious, and it's felt like mostly setup so far. But since I already buy 2 out of the 3 titles, I'm in for the next two issues regardless.

Wait wait wait...I just now found this comment. The JLE? Is that why they have had so many Justice League Europe issues in the digital sales? I just saw Crimson Fox in Batman/The Shadow, and they recently had a Captain Atom miniseries. This could be even more interesting than I thought...

Rob Staeger (Grodd Mod) said:

So expect the Detective team and the JLE to be involved.)

Oh, jeez, that was a typo. I meant the JLA, Batman's current team with Lobo and the Ray.

Ah, well. Easy come, easy go! :)

Rob Staeger (Grodd Mod) said:

Oh, jeez, that was a typo. I meant the JLA, Batman's current team with Lobo and the Ray.

Just noticed in the November previews that it looks like Green Arrow has been downgraded to monthly starting in November. (It's tough to notice, since there's also an Annual coming out that month, but the book's price has risen to $3.99 with a free digital copy attached.)

I'm not certain, but I think this is the fourth book to be throttled back to monthly, after Cyborg, Deathstroke, and Aquaman. I do like the bi-weekly pace on the main books; it builds up a lot of history for the characters quickly, and backstory is one of the appeals of any superhero universe.

Based on sales, the next books to be throttled might be Green Lanterns and Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps -- but they're clocking about 4,000 to 5,000 more readers than Ollie was, so they could hang on for a while.   

I have found it awfully hard to keep up with books that come out twice a month. Even in the summer, when I'm on break, I just have too much other stuff to do, and those books just pile up and suddenly I'm sitting on five of them. I personally think once a month is perfect (and even then, they pile up, but that's on me). 

I'm the opposite. I think if Titans was coming out twice a month I'd still be buying it. But as it is, the storylines just seemed to drag on forever, and I decided to step away. 

I also dropped Deathstroke as it slowed to once a month, partially because I didn't like the new artist, but also because with the complicated way Priest structures stories, if I don't check in every two weeks I won't remember what's going on. If it goes to monthly, I'm better off waiting for the trade.

I think there's six bi-weekly books I'm reading right now: Superman, Action, Batman, Detective, Wonder Woman, and Flash. For most of its run, Wonder Woman has functioned more like two concurrent monthly books than one biweekly book. But however they come out, I really enjoy the pace. 

DC doesn't come right out and say New Super-Man will be canceled with issue 18, but this new solicitation sure seems to imply it. If so, it will be the first Rebirth title to be canceled. I wouldn't be too surprised if other titles in the margins -- Superwoman and Blue Beetle are my guesses -- follow suit as they reach issue 18. Gotta make room for the new Dark Matter books!

I only read an issue or two of this, but someday I'd like to revisit it.

Cover by BILLY TAN
Variant cover by BERNARD CHANG
Retailers: This issue will ship with three covers. Please see the order form for details. Includes a code for a free digital download of this issue.
“EQUILIBRIUM” finale! Kenan Kong and the Justice League of China have faced so many threats since their debut—but none so great as the forces All-Yang have unleashed! It will take all the New Super-Man of China has learned to defeat All-Yang and the demigod invasion of the west, and our young hero will face a choice: save the world, or save himself. Don’t miss this thrilling concluding chapter to see where this adventure ends—and where the next begins!
On sale DECEMBER 13 • 32 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T

This tweet just in from Gene Luen Yang:


"New Super-Man #18 was *supposed* to be the last issue of the series. But then--!"

So we'll see!

I changed the title of this thread -- obviously, 16 months in, there's no reason for the former "Alert!" name of it. This has become a general State of the Rebirth thread, so I've renamed it to reflect that. 

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