Back in the 80's comics as collecters items was coming into fashion,or at least in the UK we were just hearing Action Comics no1 was worth money.

So when I saw a new comic starting as a young lad I thought I'd pile in and earn myself a wealthy future.

Anyway I soon forgot all about that and lost the comics and forgot what it was,I presume it was cancelled but now and then I've wondered what happened.


So can anyone help identify.

The hero was a motorbike rider who road on dirt tracks,his costume was basically a brown leather motorbike outfit.

Much like Green Lantern he met a dying alien who passed over some sort of cosmic power to him.

Another alien turned up who thought the power should rightly have been his,the hero fought and eventually beat him.

I think the hero had long blonde hair

I think it was DC but definitely one of the big 2

Sorry theres not much to go on but it's all I remember but if anyone can help I'd be grateful as it's one of those things thats buzzed around my head for years



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That was Star Brand, by Jim Shooter and John Romita, Jr., one of Marvel's New Universe titles. I liked the Shooter/Romita issues, but I stopped following it after they left (after #7; #3 was drawn by Alex Saviuk and #7 scripted by Roy Thomas from Shooter's plot).

Marvel tried a minor reboot of the New Universe a few years ago with Warren Ellis's New Universal.

It was actually pretty good, but it came and went with very little fanfare.

This is the book you're thinking of.

Star Brand was the only New Universe title I followed to the end. I don't know why, but the similarity in concept to Green Lantern totally escaped my attention -- I suppose because we were getting a from-day-one look at how a totally ordinary schmoe learns how to do superhero stuff with a talisman of unimaginable power. And this guy, Ken Connell, was no dashing jet-jockey like Hal Jordan; he was an auto mechanic in Pittsburgh and kind of a dim bulb. One of the best bits I recall was when he was listening to the radio on the job and heard news about Libya, and resolved to go there and fight Khadafy -- but couldn't slip away from work! That never happened to Clark Kent!


Somewhere along the way, the authorship of the book changed from Jim Shooter to John Byrne, and it was far less fun.

Yeah thanks guys that was it,dont know why but it's been one of those silly things that was stuck in my head for years so now it's solved :-)


I think i bought a few copies and quite enjoyed it,but back then it wasn't always easy to follow a series in the UK as the local comic shop would often miss issues,so after a while I gave up on it

Knew I could rely on The CC Messageboard

I'm going by memory here but Star Brand was the centerpiece of the New Universe until that proved unviable. No one was going to pick it up over, say, Amazing Spider-Man or Incredible Hulk. But the Star Brand itself did appear in the MU proper in Quasar.

There is a TP of the first 10(?) issues available, but I doubt back issues would be too hard to find in most markets.


Mine are in the 3/$1 box...


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