I saw the premiere of Arrow tonight, forsaking Survivor which I can see later On Demand. I don't watch too many scripted shows these days, except for the WWE! *Zing* I wonder how much Smallville's version had to do with this. Or if The Hunger Games with its archery helped greenlight it or if they didn't just call the show Green Arrow to distance itself from the comics or not to subconsciously link it with Green Lantern, which wasn't the success everyone hoped for. Or that they really wanted to do a Batman TV show and can't!

I've spoken on how the DCnU books seem like "pilots" for other projects. I now wish that Green Arrow was as deep and thought-out as Arrow. This Oliver Queen is dangerous, brave, bold, tormented and, yes, badass! There is a shipwreck and young Oliver is marooned on a mysterious island where he learns and excels at using a bow and arrow. But so much more happened there and there will be flashbacks. Tellingly there is even a reference to LOST made.

As he finally leaves the island, we see a mask impaled on a sword. It is black and orange with one eyehole. Is it really Deathstroke's or is it a red herring? Or just an Easter egg for fans?

Before Oliver is rescued, he has spent FIVE years on this island, without a single luxury and it changed him. He is no longer the irresponsible rich kid; he has gained a social conscience. And he has learnt a terrible secret about the corruption of Starling City from his father who pays the ultimate price to ensure his son's survival. It drives Oliver down the path of justice, retribution and revenge.

It also has an intriguing supporting cast. There is Laurel Lance, a public defender, who dated Ollie five years ago. The wreck that "killed" him also killed her sister Sarah with whom Ollie was having an affair with. Their father is a police detective who has not forgiven Oliver and wants him to pay for her death. Laurel tries to reconnect but Oliver, consumed by his mission, pushes her away, at least for now.

There is also his troubled younger sister who as a drug problem and whose nickname, sadly, is Speedy.

And there's his hedonistic best friend, Tommy Merlyn who suspects that Oliver is far more than he once was and has a desire for Laurel.

Then there's his mother who secretly tries to have him kidnapped to learn what his father might have told him. Her motives are unclear but the men she hired killed an innocent man so it may not be with the best intentions.

His first target is Lex Luthor Adam Stone, a corrupt and powerful businessman. I'm not sure if he will be the major enemy for the first season.

The show itself was fast paced, action packed though very violent for the 8 PM hour. There are many questions that need to be answered. There are several comic book destinies that may or may not be fulfilled. I never got into Smallville and gave up on it because I felt that I wasn't its intended audience. But I will strive to watch Arrow because it has a lot of potential. And I was always seem to be defending Green Arrow anyway!

Hope some of you watch it too! I would love to hear your reviews and opinions.

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As for Arrow, the setting up of the flashbacks is very important. The only problem I see is that they may be more interesting than the present day storyline. That happened quite often on LOST, too.

That's often a problem with Once Upon a Time, by Lost alums Kitsis and Horowitz.

Although, to be fair, it'd have to be a pretty slow day in Magic Fairy Tale Land to be less interesting than a day in Dullsville Storybrook.

The first look at one of the show's main antagonists.



Saw it and liked it. A lot. Will definitely be watching more episodes as they come out.

No, the Deathstroke mask was not a red herring or easter egg. I understand that Deathstroke will be making at least one appearance in the series.

Can't really blame Ollie for going after Laurel's sister. They're both hot!

I like the flashbacks. It'll be interesting how the series progresses and what, if any, other heroes show up.


Another action-packed, angst filled installment. Oliver, still known as the Vigilante or the Archer, must protect Laurel from being murdered by another corrupt businessman who is working with the Triad. She is trying to have him convicted of slaying her client's father. Oliver learns of her case and has his next target. Actually saving his lawyer-girlfriend and getting involved with her cases makes him more like the Atom than Green Arrow.

Oliver is striving to keep his secrets, acting like the irresponsible playboy. But his sister, Thea, the bodyguard, Laurel and Tommy are all beginning to discover that there is more to him than that. Yet everyone in his immediate circle has secrets as well that he knows nothing about. There is a devastating reveal at the end and a cliffhanger in the flashback!

There is a blonde Asian Triad operative who I hope to God isn't Cheshire. And the guy in the Coming Attractions sure looks like Deadshot!  

There is a devastating reveal at the end and a cliffhanger in the flashback!

Matt D. Wilson over at Comics Alliance calls it Flashback Island.  I like that, so I'm gonna steal homage it.

For some reason, our DVR failed to record the second episode.

Still haven't watched the first one yet.

You can watch the 2nd episode at cwtv.com. They have the first two episodes there.

Jeff of Earth-J said:

For some reason, our DVR failed to record the second episode.

Still haven't watched the first one yet.

Started watching the second episode. Haven't finished it yet.

Boy are the continuous running of the same ads annoying!


David Warren said:

Started watching the second episode. Haven't finished it yet.

Boy are the continuous running of the same ads annoying!

I've figured out why I'm enjoying this show.  Forget about all the names and references drawn from the DCU.  Pretend none of that exists (I do, 'cause I couldn't care less about the DCU Oliver Queen), and that this is a standalone, original creation.  Then what is it?

What it is, I think, is pure pulp action.  A grim and remorseless man returns to the city of his birth and uses the skills he learned in his travels to wage a violent, vigilante war on crime and corruption.  This is The Shadow with arrows instead of .45s (or, if you prefer, Nolan's Batman with arrows).  When I put my pulp hat on, looking at this as a 2012 TV version of a 1935 pulp novel, it goes down pretty smooth.

"I put on my robe and pulp hat."

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