Every Saturday night from 7PM to 1 AM, ME (Memorable Entertainment) TV shows Batman, Wonder Woman, Star Trek, Svengoolie (monster movies from the 40s & 50s) and Lost In Space. I have been taping them, though I haven't been watching WW and LiS....yet. But for February 2/15:

BATMAN: features the Riddler and his super-solvent wax and candle gimmick complete a sexy sidekick dressed in purple named Moth. Frank Gorshin is amazing in the role, manic, narcissistic, charming and menacing. His Riddler clearly loves the crime game. Batman has some great speeches and uses the shadows well. But again a locked door stymies him!

STAR TREK: Return To Tomorrow. Kirk gives a riveting speech, a great performance by DeForest Kelly, Leonard Nimoy seems giddy playing Hennoch and Roddenberry favorite Diana Muldaur looking classy and sexy!

Still if Sargon had inhabited Spock, not Kirk, things would have went a lot smoother!

I'm wondering how physical did Sargon and Thalassa get with their borrowed bodies?


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I don't have that network, at least I don't think so.

I just discovered that Svengoolie is airing on METV yesterday!  I haven't seen Rich Koz since I left Chicago(land) over ten years ago.  I'm psyched!

...I meant to post about this ~ I have ME now (I saw a couple of episodes of CAR 54 , WHERE ARE YOU ? , first time I'd ever actually seen that .) ~ but you did , Phil !

  Svengoolie (who is like a Earth-1/retcon successor to an earlier horror host ?) shoed a more modern flick , KING KONG VS. GODZILLA , the one night (to date) that I've seen anything .

KING KONG VS. GODZILLA was from 2/8. I've seen that one a dozen times and that ape suit makes me crack up every time! But they did try some stop-motion but it wasn't very good.

The previous weeks Svengoolie showed THE MOLE PEOPLE and TARANTULA so I filled my John Agar quota for the year!

...And just in time for Shirley's demise:-(...

Philip Portelli said:

KING KONG VS. GODZILLA was from 2/8. I've seen that one a dozen times and that ape suit makes me crack up every time! But they did try some stop-motion but it wasn't very good.

The previous weeks Svengoolie showed THE MOLE PEOPLE and TARANTULA so I filled my John Agar quota for the year!

From 2/22/14:

BATMAN; the return of King Tut, a quirky performance by Victor Bueno, Alfred gets in on the action and a LOT of face-time for Bruce Wayne with a really dangerous cliffhanger!

STAR TREK: Patterns of Force AKA Nazis in Space. The Prime Directive ignored....again! Shirtless Kirk and Spock. WWII movie costumes raided but an above average episode with a great message.

HOUSE OF DRACULA: the least of the Universal Monster films. Larry Talbot gets cured. Dracula gets dusted and Frankenstein burned for the umpteenth time! There's a female hunchback and scientific explanations for vampirism and lycanthropy! Magic mold and tainted blood! Again, a minor effort but enjoyable in spots.

LOST IN SPACE; The Golden Man Versus the Frog Man! Penny-centric episode with a MESSAGE!

Comcast cable 292 (Mass station) or 298 (NH station)

Over the air at 5.2 of 9.2

Mark S. Ogilvie said:

I don't have that network, at least I don't think so.

...And I BUMPED !...

...I got a dose of ME this nite , the Batman was a Pengqin two-parter , with a peculiar quick line:

At a party at Wayne Manor we see a painting , over Bruce's fireplace , of Brue's great-grandfather , who:

(male) " Was he tapped for Skull & Bones ? "

Aunt Harriet " He FOUNDED Skull & Bones !!!!!!! "


Did either George W. Bush or John Kerry see this ?????

...Okay , tonite I saw most of BATMAN , with Van Johnson as the Minstrel , (they show two Batty episodes back-to-back , natch ,) and the first Wonder Woman to show up that I've seen from when the show switched networks and formats to be set in modern times ~ I was sorely tempted to stay for the " Assignment , Earth " ep. of ST:TOS , having had that John Byrne one-shot a few years back for IDW spinning off of that busted pilot episoide , IIRC , but my duty to you guys prevails !!!!!!!!!

  Besides , I want to watch Svengoolie show Rains " The Invisible Man " , I guess the show is generally sticking with b&w/Universal classics , I saw THE BLACK CAT (Or was it THE RAVEN ? ~ the " Poe , you are avenged ! " one . I am trying to get this up , taking time for checking up will derail my energy and , now that I'll get this up , I won't bother with correcting it...........)

  I will try and find out some details about the WW series at Wikipedia before I ask more...........

...Okay , the weird thing is that ~ from my scanning of the Wikilist of all of the WONDER WOMAN episodes ~ As best as I can tell , the episode I saw isn't listed there !

  That seems implausible , so I'll just assume that the person didn't notice the things I noticed about the episode when s/he wrote their synopsis .

  There was no on-screen title (ME-TV dropped the end credits , BTW , which they did with the LOST IN SPACE episode I saw later on ~ an episode which did have an on-screen title , incidentally .

  This opens up a digression that I won't go into now . but...) to the episode .

  SPOILERS , for everything I write in this line from now .

  There , Maggie , you happy :-) ?

  The episode opened with a feminine assassin arriving at the airport and eventually revealing herself ~ as a biological man . If  someone did this plot element to-day , would they be terribly self-conscious about it , one way or another ?

  The trans assasin is an agent of a master assassin/hit man , who is a former executioner who , when capital punishment was called off , " decided to use his knowledge of killing " as a hit man ! He has a collection of killing instruments in his office , a guillotine , etc. (Was the U.S. Supreme Court stopping of capital punishment still on then ? Of course , they didn't say that it was .)

  A woman secretary in his office (??) , who sort of reminded me of Angela Lansbury , is a retired-from-duty (Unhappily on her part .) assassin herself .

   WW catches a would-be assassin of Diana Prince who reminds me of the 1970s George Jones ! The men's clothing/hairstyles all come off somewhat what we'd call " Ron Burgundy "-esque , I guess . If Steve Trevor is suppose to be a military officer he certainly has long hair !!!

    At one point , WW displays a mental link/command with animals , getting two horses to throw bad guys ! WTF ?

  They is relatively little actual USE of guns , perhaps to keep it , with the somewhat " adult " elements I have described , " family hour "/TVG rating (which it has) friendly ? The retired assassin , when captures merely " wishes " she had a gun and two other would-be killers of Diana Prince, who fire at her supposedly still in her bed , where she apparently goes to bed with full makeup on , actually fire pellet/dart guns , presumably filled with poison ? 


Watched "Assignment: Earth!" and it's the closet Star Trek got to meeting Doctor Who. The Doctor and Gary Seven share a lot of qualities, including the same choice of weapons!

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