This is a continuation of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer thread I started over on the “old board” last April. Alan and Mike convinced me that the show’s move from the WB to the UPN and the start of season six is a logical time to move this discussion to the board’s new home. For those of you who might be new to the discussion, I am in the process of watching this series, start to finish, for the first time. I don’t provide much in the way of recap because I’m working under the assumption that most of you reading this thread have at least a passing familiarity with the series. The ground rules of this discussion are simple: I can (and will) spoil anything I want to, but you can’t spoil anything I haven’t seen yet. Ready? Okay, let’s begin.


I actually don’t have much to say about the two-part season opener. Most of it was spent resetting Buffy’s apparent death at the end of season five. Shouldn’t her death have triggered a new Slayer to have been called up? Judging from the opening credits it looks as if Giles is going to be out of the cast on a permanent (or at least semi-permanent) basis. I’m really enjoying the development of the “relationship” between Buffy and Spike thoughout last season and into this one. Apparently even vampires are subject to classical conditioning!

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In college, I lived with people JUST like the characters on The Big Bang Theory...of course I went to Purdue and a lot of those folks were engineers...
My first major was engineering, so they seem familiar to me, too.
I saw only one episode but it didn't impress me as anything other than a standard "niche" sit-com.
It grows on you...there are physics and Batman RIP jokes which prove to me that there are real geeks involved...that and the BNL theme song is awesome...
In one episode, there was a hint that at least one writer reads Mark Evanier's blog.

Ah, another Hallowe’en episode! Not only Dawn’s first kiss, but Dawn’s first kill. The sexual innuendo was cranked up to eleven, as usual. And I used to think Three’s Company was funny! [No, I didn’t.] I liked the allusion to Fantasia, also. I wonder if Whedon is purposefully drawing a parallel between Tara & Willow and Darin & Samantha on Bewitched...? If anyone needs an “intervention” on this show, it’s Willow! I’ve got to admit, I was concerned for Giles’ continued well-being when he was suddenly surrounded by a dozen or so vamps. I know his status has been reduced to “special guest star” and I really wouldn’t put it past Whedon to kill him off. Then Buffy and the Scoobs showed up and I was relieved, then Giles was separated and I was tense again. It’s good not knowing in advance what’s going to happen! (I’m not referring to “spoilers” but rather the show’s writing style.)

If KS hadn’t told me “Once More, With Feeling” ranks among the top three favorite episodes in fan polls, I might have guessed that this is the episode that “jumped the shark”… not that I think so, but I think “fans” (in quotation marks) might think so. It had been my experience that oftentimes a musical episode (or a Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” episode) signals that a show’s writers have run out of ideas. This episode, though, was unique in that it not only grew organically out of the premise of the show, but also (and more importantly) advanced the show’s various plotlines. Frankly, the songs were so good I would have been almost as happy if the entire episode was out of continuity. The fact that Whedon was able to advance the plot… in song… is highly impressive.

For those of you who haven’t seen it in a while, Tara finds out Willow used a spell of forgetfulness on her; Giles decides his presence is holding Buffy back; Buffy reveals to the Scoobies they snatched her from Heaven, and Spike and Buffy finally connect… all while performing show-stopping song and dance numbers! Even the little cartoon zombie at the end gets into the act! Brilliant!

Hey, is there a CD of this episode?
Jeff of Earth-J said:
Hey, is there a CD of this episode?

There sure is. With illustrations by Adam Hughes, no less.
It is one of my go-to soundtracks...I love it...The CD also includes some incidental music from other episodes like Hush.

Have you watched Dr. Horrible yet?

Alan M. said:
Jeff of Earth-J said:
Hey, is there a CD of this episode?

There sure is. With illustrations by Adam Hughes, no less.
We have seen Dr. Horrible but we haven't (yet) listened to the musical commentary. (Methinks that may be added to our Sunday night viewing schedule.) I'll have to visit my LRS (local record store) for the soundtrack, and if I can't find it there, perhaps a visit to is in order.
It's worth remembering as well (as I discovered after seeing this) that the ONLY two major singing cast memebrs who had no previous musical experience were Sarah Michelle Geller and Nicholas Brendon. Emma Caulfield, Amber Benson and Tony Head have all done various versions of Rocky Horror; James Marsden has a rock band; Michelle tRactenberg has done some stage stuff; Hinton Battle (Mr Sweet) is a Broadway dancer. The only one who had a real problen was Allyson Hannigan - and they even made that into a joke part of the song...
I was wondering about that…

I went to my LRS yesterday and found three BtVS CDs in stock: the movie soundtrack, “The Album” and “Radio Sunnydale” (the latter two feature music from the show played in the background and/or at The Bronze), so I guess it’s for me! I forgot yesterday was “In Plain Sight” night so we had to put “Dr. Horrible” off until tonight; until Heroes returns, Mondays are free.


There was an episode of ST:TNG like this, in which the “D” encountered some stellar phenomenon in the opening sequence which wiped the crews’ memories. What I’d like to find someday is someone wholly unfamiliar with either show and sit them down in front of the TV picking after the mind-wipe. I guess that’s about all she wrote for the Tara and Willow relationship, for the time being, anyway. In any case, I expect things to get worse on that front before they get better.

“Tabula Rasa” is also a favorite episode of Joss Whedon’s (according the my little DVD booklet). Says he: “For me, a hugely proud achievement, simply because it came right after the exhausting musical, was gut funny and quite moving, and proved that the episodes we really care about every season number twenty-two and not one less.”

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