Today, Friday 7/22, Syfy is showing the two Captain America TV movies from the 70s and the (apparently very bad) film from the 80s from 2 PM to 8 PM EST.

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Jeff of Earth-J said:
Other than that, this Captain America positively screams 1970s TV movie: same generic soundtrack, same generic directing, same generic acting. There were a lot of vehicle chases, mostly boring, although I must admit “Wendy” (the scientist/girlfriend) looked really good in her black bathing suit. I find it extremely difficult to believe SyFy rated the movie “PG.” I do remember making a conscious decision not to watch the sequel when it aired, but now that the origin is out of the way, perhaps the second one is better?

How sad that I just (re)watched this movie over the weekend, and I can't remember "Wendy" and her bathing suit at all. For that matter, I really can't remember much about the whole movie at all.

Now, the very young and perky Connie Sellaca from the sequel -- her, I have no trouble remembering.

You are so, so right how these movies scream 1970s. You neglected to mention the "Six Million Dollar Man"-esque sound effects.

I had completely forgotten that I had ever seen the 1992 movie until I watched it (again, apparently). Leaving aside the bizarre decision to make the Red Skull Italian (Wha-HUH?) and the cheat that he spends most of the movie as the former Red Skull, I didn't mind this one much. It's not good -- oh, heavens no! But its got an amiable cheap pulp thriller vibe to it.

I watched the second Reb Brown Captain America movie over the weekend, but I was sorting photographs while I was (ostensibly) watching. Consiquently, it barely sunck in. It does have the advantage of having Cap in his "proper" (more or less) costume for the whole thing, and it guest stars Christopher Lee. I finished my photo sorting about 20 minutes before the end of the movie, just in time to see Cap throw his motorcyclye (yes!) to the top of a wall, leap after it (yes!) then drive off it (yes!), just before the cycle itself sprouts glider wings (yes!). A boring chase scene ensures in which Reb Brown on a glider-equipted motorcycle chases Christopher Lee in a station wagon. Perhaps I'm not give this movie it's due because I was barely paying attention, but even Christorpher Lee couldn't save this turkey.

I had completely forgotten I still had a third Captain America movie to watch until my wife reminded me these weekend while I was sorting comic books. (I wish I would have remembered last week when I was looking for something in the midst of the summer doldrums. But I digress…) The only time I’ve seen this movie before was a bootleg. I think it eventually went straight to video after that; I know it never hit the theater. It was pretty much as I remembered it; if anything, it was a little better. The pirated copy I saw was very dark (in look, not in tone) and that problem still persisted, and the main plot problems I remembered (the Red Skull is an Italian, Captain America failed in his first and only WWI mission, etc.) were, of course, still present. I friend of mine (and owner of my LCS at the time) felt he had to say something good about it, and I remember he used to say that it had “good shield slinging scenes.”

Now I hear there’s yet another Captain America movie, one that actually made it to the big screen this time. It had better be more impressive than these turkeys if anyone expects me to go see it.
Please say you're being funny and that you have seen Captain America because it is very impressive, fun, moving and a treat for Cap's fans!
Yes, I was being facetious, but no, I have not yet seen Captain America in the theatre yet. I want to, but I have this deal with my wife that we have to go see the new Harry Potter movie first. the one I really want to see, though, is the Rise of the Planet of the Apes.
Too many movies to see this summer! I want to see Rise, too! It looks amazing! Also Cowboys & Aliens and even The Smurfs for some bizarre reason!

I'm still bummed I missed these movies, even if they weren't great. Maybe they'll surface again.

BTW Rise of the Planet of the Apes is terrific. I don't even like the Planet of the Apes movies but this one was really good.

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