"'Cause they taped it on only one day..." - NBC's The Sound of Music

...The NBC-TV remake of Rogers & Hammerstein's THE SOUND OF MUSIC as a " live play " production's airing is about one month in the past now , and I meant to post about it here before that ! But I didn't...

  With 18 million viewers IIRC , it certainly qualified as " a hit " . NBC even repeated it a week-and-a-halfish later .

  I saw it both times:-) .

  It was meant to be a " TV play/live production " in the mode of the PLAYHOUSE 90/BELL TELEPHONE HOURs of yore , NBC claiming " For the first time in fifty years..." . I , myself , on the West Coast of the continguous 48 states of the USA (California) saw it as an immediate taped repeat , anyway , being 3 time zones to the west of the Eastern Time Zone , where it would have indeed shown live ~ along with the Central Time Zone .

  The Mountain Time Zone , especially for such a " holiday special " as this , I am not so sure about . Anyone ?????

  Has it shown outside of the U.S,. yet ~ I know we have Australian and Canadian residents here , others ???

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Cathy Rigby, anyone?

Richard Willis said:

Once or twice a year some of the current sitcoms do this. They do two live performances three hours apart. It would be a lot harder to do a full-scale musical that way.

Jimmm Kelly said:

In the past, there were programs that did do live broadcasts both for the east coast and the west coast. ER did that and . . . some others I can't remember right now.


Some years back, the FOX sitcom Roc did a live episode. All the members of the main cast were Broadway veterans, so it was no sweat for them, and the following season,, they did all of the episodes live with lots of hype and ballyhoo. That didn't translate into higher ratings, so the year after that, they went back to videotaping the show.

Reminder for December 4:

Richard Willis said:

Next up, Peter Pan:

NBC will be doing another live musical on December 4, 2014


If it's no good, the topic here the day after will be "Peter: Panned!"

...Is it the same Peter Pan that had a frequently-repeated Mary Martin version in the 60s/70s ? No BS  question ~ I think there were two different , mildly competitive , adaptations of the already P.D. PP produced in the post-PPII USA , and one went to TV and one did not .

"P.D." = "public domain," Emerkeith?

Oh, and I noticed your spacing, or lack thereof, on "P.D."

Boris Karloff co-starred on one stage version of Peter Pan, and it wasn't the Mary Martin show.

From all the publicity I've seen I would say it is the same version Mary Martin appeared in.

...Pete: Is my face green ! I meant to write " post-WWII " ~ Um , I do like abbreviating , as youse guys/y'all may have noticed...

  Yes , Don , I was sort of thinking of that , that Karloff was apparently in a ~ less a musical ~ post-Dub Dub " PP " adaptation .

  I guess this is the same basic vertsion that Cathy Rigby and I think even Sandy Duncan trod the boards in , and Mama Hagman did for " our era "'s TV ~ with this " I Won't Grow Up " song which I remember a skinny-tie " noo wave " band from Boston called the Fools doing a version of about 1980 .

  Seeing a TV GUIDE article about the new NBC staging and it mentioning some rerwriting & new songs for it made me wonder ~ Will the perhaps-now-problematic " Indian " impersonations (that I guess were in Barrie's original source , the novel) be demphasized or even cut out entirely ???
PowerBook Pete, the Mad Mod said:

Oh, and I noticed your spacing, or lack thereof, on "P.D."

Well, I enjoyed the Peter Pan live show. Anybody else?

...Imissedit. Is athis-year re-run,as happened with the TSOM show,planned?

 I did just now see alogofor iton a Yahoo! visual,suggesting that it wasstill being advertised ~ because a re-run wasplanned?

   In your memory, Richard,was theIndian stuf freduced/eliminated ? (Foran adult-audience musical from the same period, ANNIE GET YOUR GUN now tends to be done minus the "I'm An Indian ,Too "song .) What other revisons/newsongs were there then ?

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