Starting with a 2-issue miniseries, DC Millennium, which walks the reader through 1,000 years, ending at the Legion's doorstep. Millennium is by Brian Bendis and a variety of artists (one for each time period), and the Legion proper will by by Bendis and Ryan Sook. There's an interview with Bendis about his plans on 

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I can definitely understand that criticism. I think Bendis & Sook want to impress us (and Jon) with the size of the Legion, and the differences in the setting, before getting into the nitty-gritty adventure stuff. And certainly, as much as I liked the issue for those reasons, the pages that really scratched my Legion itch were the first action pages, with the smaller group. 

I'm sure we'll be seeing more action next issue, and I'm looking for getting to know all these Legionnaires better. Of all the books that needs to be a bi-weekly, it's the one with a cast of thousands!

That's a lovely cover in the intro post.

From the sounds of it, the first issue of the new series is akin to introducing a new Doctor (Who).

You have so much to do and so little time/space/page count to do it in.

Unfortunately I can't say more than this right now because my LCBS screwed up and thought I only wanted the Millennium mini-series and not the regular title.

So at the moment, not only is issue 1 on back order, but there's no guarantee I'll get issue 2 when it's first released!


I read the first issue in my blink-and-it's-gone DRCs, and remember being kinda overwhelmed/wowed. Which is good for a first issue. I tried to remember to buy it at my LCS, but by the time I did they were sold out. I'll try to get one online or when they get the second printing.

Arrgh... the second issue of Legion has apparently been pushed back to Dec. 18. Seven years wasn't long enough to make us wait??

Well, if we want it to be drawn by Ryan Sook. Come on, there is no way anyone hired him and thought he'd be able to pull a monthly schedule.

Rob Staeger (Grodd Mod) said:

Arrgh... the second issue of Legion has apparently been pushed back to Dec. 18. Seven years wasn't long enough to make us wait??

That's certainly one way to look at it. But don't rule out editorial interference and second-guessing as the culprit, as there's been a lot of that going on surrounding this relaunch. Character designs for almost all the characters should be locked down with issue 1 (and the previous Superman issues), but there's a chance pages had been done before the changes happened, and there need to be changes to existing pages. Sook's been working behind the scenes on this for almost a year -- not necessarily drawing pages, but designing the characters, settings, and the general world -- and constant changes to things could have eroded a lot of his lead time. 

I finally read the first issue of the new series yesterday, which for me is pretty good. Before I make my brief comments I did want to say something about: Legion of Super-heroes: Millennium first. 

What bullcrap was this? This comic wouldn't have bothered me so much if it wasn't advertised as an LSH book. If you call it a Legion Of Super-heroes comic, call me silly, but I was them to appear in more than 2 pages. Calling it a Kamandi or Tommy Tomorrow comic would have been more accurate. Just a total bait-and-switch as far as I am concerned. 

Now, to the first issue. I try not to get to up or down with first issued these days with the decompressed storytelling we see in most series. That being said I thought this was pretty good. I've always been a bigger of of the LSH without Superboy than with, but that is a minor quibble. Some of the designs are good, some aren't, but that has always been the case.

I'm just excited that they are back!

Okay… issue #1… I have a few questions.

One the first eight pages, nothing of immediate significance happens. On page nine, Saturn Girl and Superboy abruptly appear, but where did they come from? I mean, the 21st century obviously, but where’s the scene in which he was recruited? It wasn’t in Millenium #1-2, was it? What about Superman #14-15 or Supergirl #43? Those issues were identified by DC as preludes, but I decided to let the first issue rise or fall on its own merits. But to my mind, a crucial scene is missing.

Also, Superboy’s father is still the pre-Flashpoint Superman, right? He met the Legion, but was it this Legion? Obviously not, but what is the explanation (if there is one) for what happened to that Legion?

Superboy was recruited in issues 14 & 15 (mostly in 15), and he left with Saturn Girl at the end of issue 16. I don't think anything happens in those issues that can't be inferred by Superboy's presence -- other than perhaps that he has his parents' approval to go. They asked, he said yes, his parents said yes, and voila! (That said, those scenes are fun.)

And as for which continuity Superman is from these days, I can't tell you. But it seems like he hasn't met the Legion. Probably the explanation for why was in Doomsday Clock -- at one point, the Saturn Girl who's been around since Rebirth fades away because her future no longer exists (presumably it's been replaced by this one).

I made a special trip to my LCS on Saturday in an effort to answer these questions for myself. I flipped through Superman #14-16 Supergirl #33, and ended up buying Superman #15 (and #17). Superman #14 and Supergirl #33 lead up to the same point: when the LSH appears. Then Superman #15 advances the story. That’s the piece I was missing.

I guess it makes sense that “Rebirth” universe has a different Legion than “Flashpoint.”

Okay, so we're three issues in. We've learned a bit more about some of the characters, and the group's relationship to the UP President (antagonistic), and we've seen them in action as a group, against the Horraz, and then against Jo's dad*, General Crav Nah.

*or one of his dads. Jo calls him "Father-One," which might imply he has a second father. Similarly, Jo might have a brother -- Crav at one point calls him "my first son." 

We've also learned a bit more about the Trident, have seen Earth as a conglomeration of cities, rather than a solid planet, have visited Rimbor and Planet Gotham, have seen our first Legion romance (Cos and Shady? Who knew!), have gotten a glimpse of a more powerful and canny Mordru than we first saw in issue 1, and have seen the team recoil in horror from Damian Wayne, likely because of the authoritarian future of Batman 666. And we've gone from the Legion wanting Superboy to join the team to the Legion needing him... a change Superboy himself notes. So what's in that orientation, anyway? 

It looks like we'll finally find out in issue 4. I can't wait. 

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