Starting with a 2-issue miniseries, DC Millennium, which walks the reader through 1,000 years, ending at the Legion's doorstep. Millennium is by Brian Bendis and a variety of artists (one for each time period), and the Legion proper will by by Bendis and Ryan Sook. There's an interview with Bendis about his plans on 

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It was interesting to see all those DC futures tied together somehow. It didn't seem possible for Tommy Tomorrow and Kamandi to be in the same timeline -- both occurring between "now" and the Legion's time. (And I think one story somewhere, somewhen, tried to establish that Kamandi and Tommy were the same character, only in different timelines.)

But, while Rose/Thorn being the through character is a real surprise, it's not necessarily a good surprise. Being a powerless superhero is implausible enough, but to be one who is mentally unbalanced seems like a ticket to an early death. So I never liked Rose & Thorn, mostly because she's so implausible.

But yeah, also the whinging, So much whinging.

Cap: The story you're trying to remember was The History of the DC Universe that followed the original Crisis On Infinite Earths. With now only one plane of existence (at the time), the baby was still found in Command D, but instead of becoming Jack Kirby's Kamandi; he was adopted and grew up to be Tommy Tomorrow.

Thanks, Lee! I'd never have found that in a million years.

Mainly because if I lived long enough I'd keep getting interrupted by OMAC, Kamandi, the Legion of Super-Heroes, Hercules Unbound, Space Ranger, Ultra the Multi-Alien, Atomic Knights, Tommy Tomorrow, Batman Beyond, the Time Trapper, Booster Gold, Justice League 3000, Glorith, Rip Hunter, Star Rovers, Knights of the Galaxy, Star Hawkins, Space Cabbie ...

Yeah Cap, those were the days. sigh

The Kamandi/Tommy point in History took only one panel to cover. A pivotal change of the moment, but nothing more than a footnote in the overall story.

And why Tommy was chosen instead of a Kirby creation?

Your guess is as good as mine.

Were there any other Kirby creations at that (general) point in the timeline? I'm sure there were, but I'm not thinking of any. 

Imagine the lack of foresight involved in deciding Tommy Tomorrow was a better fit with the future of the DCU than Kamandi...and a more bankable star for future comics. Not that Kamandi flies off the shelves, but he's been brought back again and again and again for guest appearances (including last week!), while Tommy has mostly collected dust (except for two weeks ago).

BTW, if anyone's thinking of buying any Legion in the Comixology sale, today's its last day. 

What's amazing to me about Kamandi is the he was the last boy on Earth, and that the short-lived Anthro was billed as the first boy on Earth. I even read those Anthro books, and didn't remember that blurb. But Grant Morrison did, and bookended his Batman time-travel story with the first and last boys on Earth.

That's the amazing bit. Wow.

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