1)"Sorry, stopped listening a while ago."  I have moments like that.


2)"If the TARDIS were to land with its true weight, it would fracture the surface of the Earth." I always assumed that the bulk of the TARDIS' mass was in another dimension, and only the police box existed in ours.


3)"You really throw your companions into the deep end, don't you?"  Ah, but is he talking about her, or about himself?


4)"They're from a universe with only two dimensions."  This episode reminds me a little of the "Schisms" episode of Star Trek - The Next Generation, where the Enterprise was being attacked by creatures that lived in subspace.


5)So, the Doctor knows that she's been lying to Danny. It's interesting. With both Mickey Smith and Rory Williams, I went through a process of not liking them all that much, to ultimately finding them much more admirable characters than the glamor girls they were traipsing around after, I'll be curious to see if I follow the same pattern with Danny Pink. I haven't really gotten a feel for him as a character, yet. I look forward to finding out when and how he will work out that she's been lying to him, and how he responds to that. I've no idea how long they've signed Samuel Anderson, so I don't know how long they'll take to play out his storyline.  With Mickey, they shunted him off to another dimension before somewhat offhandedly marrying him off to Martha Jones as a sort of consolation prize. ("Sorry, Mick, no hot blonde for you! But, here, have this nice black girl, instead." Not that I don't think that he's better off with Martha, rather than the extremely high-maintenance Miss Tyler, but he was paired off with Doctor Jones fairly arbitrarily, especially considering that she was supposedly engaged to that white guy from the Master storyline as recently as the Sontaran episodes half a season before.) With Rory, he did get Amy back from the Doctor's nefarious clutches, although he did have to contrive to be exiled to caveman times (i.e., the 1930's) to do it.  With Danny, I think it might be interesting if they let him dictate the state of the relationship - possibly dumping her, and then lettting Clara deal with the fact that her own duplicity cost her the relationship.  Not that they couldn't ultimately end up being reconciled again, eventually, I suppose, if that served story purposes.


6)"It takes quite a lack of imagination to beat the psychic paper."


7)"I just hope I can keep them all alive." "Welcome to my world"


8)The bit with him moving the TARDIS with his fingers was goofy but amusing.


9)"You made a mighty fine Doctor." This he says when she can't hear him.


10)"They can't restore three dimensions to a door that never existed."   I liked that idea.


11)"The man that stops the monsters."  I like that they did at least take note of the fact that they never knew quite for sure what the 2-D people's motivations were.


12)"This plane is protected."


13)And then when she tries to get him to tell her she was a good "Doctor":  "You were an exceptional 'Doctor', Clara."  "Thank you." "Goodness had nothing to do with it."


14)It was also a nice touch that at the end, it was only the hateful old crank that thanked him properly.


Overall:  I enjoyed this. They've got me interested in where they're going next, that's for sure!







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I briefly got a Peter Cushing vibe when Capaldi was looking over the shrunken TARDIS.

Yeah, I could see that.

The Baron said:

3)"You really throw your companions into the deep end, don't you?"  Ah, but is he talking about her, or about himself?

13)And then when she tries to get him to tell her she was a good "Doctor":  "You were an exceptional 'Doctor', Clara."  "Thank you." "Goodness had nothing to do with it."

These two points as well as the basis for Kill The Moon represent something I like as a change for The Doctor. In KTH, he left it to Clara and the other representatives of humanity to make the final decision. Here it was not so much by choice (This season's Doctor-Lite episode perhaps?) but the weight of decision making and action goes to Clara.

The Doctor, as I see it, is trying to show that yes, he will be there to help out when he needs to but occasionally humanity has to make its own decisions and take responsibility for its own actions. His companions and indeed all of humanity is what he looks at as friends of a sort but if you do EVERYTHING for them, at what point do they stop being people and start being pets? And in my estimation that is what point 13 was all about. Being The Doctor means doing what needs doing. It is not necessarily good or bad. It is what it is and after making some of those kind of decisions you feel the need to take several showers. It is primarily the same thing that Eccleston said in World War III "Because this is my life, Jackie. It's not fun, it's not smart, it's just standing up and making a decision because nobody else will." Cheery little beggar, ain't I? ;)

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