Part One:

1) Poor Nyssa - if they had to get rid of a companion for a story, she's the last one I would've picked.


2)"Three Blind Mice..."


3)The TSS is sufficiently goofy.


4)I gather there's all sorts of Buddhist subtext to this, but I don't know enough about Buddhism to verify it.


5)"What could they know of molecular biology?" Probably more than I do.


6)"An apple a day keeps the,, neve rmind."


7)"I never think twice about anything."


8)Cliffhanger #1: Hindle goes nuts!


Part Two:

9)A planet where only women can talk?


10)Gosh, this business with Tegan is tedious.


11)Cliffhanger #2: The Doctor opens the box!  ("What's in the box, Doctor?"  WHAT'S IN THE BOX?")


Part Three:

12)I like the clown.


13)"Aris is one of my fathers."


14)"Are you an idiot?" "Well, I suppose I must be."


15)"Wheel in the sky keeps on turnin'..."


16)Cliffhanger #3: The old woman appears to be dead!


Part Four:

17)And the Doctor instantly regrets waking Tegan up.


18)"You can't mend people, can you?"


19)And...the Mara is a giant plastic snake.  If I'd been producer back then, my first rule would've been: "Avoid effects that expose our limitations." The CGI snake they created for the disk is only marginally better.


20)"But it's gone now, isn't it, Doctor?"  We'll see dear, we'll see.


An OK story, I suppose, but overall, not one of my favorites. A story that shows up the weaknesses of the "Crowded TARDIS" era, I think.

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Yeah, they mentioned that in the commentary, and got much juvenile fun out of the term "Number 2".
Apparently she also appeared in A for Andromeda and The Andromeda Breakthrough, two of the BBC's pre-Doctor Who SF efforts.
Yeah - Davison, Fielding and Hughes all seemed very impressed by her.
Luke Blanchard said:

The book Doctor Who: The Unfolding Text discusses the story's Buddhist content. 

And I didn't understand that any better than I understood Kinda. Ah, well ...
Yeah, I read that book - it was a little too deep for me.

from the blog...

WHAT rubber snake? (Obviously, I'm watching the story, not the effects.)

If they wanted to re-do it, why not use a REAL snake? Or have someone do some stop-motion animation?

This was my intro to Richard Todd. I've seen him in a number of other things since, including "ASYLUM" (which also features "Doctor Who" in it, but not in the same story).

Nerys Hughes was wonderful. Why didn't they dump Tegan into a black hole and drag "Todd" around instead?

Philip Sandifer:
"let's make this perfectly clear - if you prefer either Time-Flight or Four to Doomsday to Kinda, there's something seriously wrong with you"

I tend to feel that way toward anyone who prefers Peter Davison over... well, ANY of the other Doctors!

Let ME put it this way-- a "REAL" Doctor would NOT have tolerated Panna's unbearable rudeness of repeatedly calling him "Idiot!" It was nice after she died and reincarnated that she quickly pegged that he wasn't, and suddenly, Todd was the odd one out instead of The Doctor for the rest of the story.

Mary Morris, sadly, did NOT age well. I always remember her as one of the most insidious "Number Two"s on THE PRISONER, in the episode "DANCE OF THE DEAD". (Did anyone besides me notice that all of the female Number Twos were the most DEVIOUS by a mile?) And something always told me from watching that, that when she was younger, she must have been one HOT number! I was surprised (but not too much) when I learned she'd been in a production of PETER PAN. That explained her party costume. Ah well, that voice didn't change! (Or if it did, it must have happened long before 1967.)

I've read the theory about "It's just a rubber snake!" long ago. I like it.

As for the DALEK INVASION spaceship... well, I always remember the IMMENSELY HUGE one from "INVASION EARTH: 2150 A.D." I suspect saome of Gerry Anderson's people were moonlighting. (Barry Gray certainly was.)

Regarding the cat in "SURVIVAL"-- these days it reminds me of Salem from SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH.

Oh yeah-- and "REVENGE" is my favorite Cybermen story. It moves so fast, it's so much fun to watch. And nothing can replace that voice... "The planet will be fragmentized!"

I just realized. Hindle's "character arc" in this story could be compared to Willie Loomis on DARK SHADOWS. He went thru 3 stages... nasty, REALLY screwed up, and finally, a better person than he'd ever been.

I re-watched all of The Prisoner recently, and was inspired to look Mary Morris (one of my favorite "Number Twos") on IMDB and was surprised to learn she was in "Shada." I didn't remember that, so I checked this discussion to see if anyone mentioned it and I had forgotten. Then i saw the post immediately above this one and thought to myself, "What the hell...?"

Young Mary Morris (mid-20s) can be seen in two roles in the 1940 version of The Thief of Bagdad. She's Jaffar's henchwoman and the mechanical woman that kills the heroine's father.

Just re-watched it.

I remember it now.

It's "the one with the snake tattoos"... not one of my favorites.

Mary Morris was quite pretty in her younger days.

As Number Two:

As Panna:

It's a good performance, I think. You believe she's blind.

Simon Rouse subsequently had a long-running role as a detective on a police show called The Bill. It was a top show for many years. Jeff Stewart (Dukkha) also had one, as a goofy uniformed policeman. Lon in Snakedance was the young Martin Clunes, who went on to be a very well-known actor.

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