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Part One
1)I'm not overwhelmed by Howard's acting.

2)Actually, I'm not overwhelmed by Peri's acting , either.

3)Peri in a bikini, however, is interesting.

4)Cliffhanger #1: "I am the Master and you will obey me."

Part Two
5)"I'm Perpugilliam Brown and I can shout just as loud as you can."

6)Cliffhanger #2: Everyone's going to get burned up.

Part Three
7)"Gullible idiot." That's the best kind!

8)"...an elder from the City of Gallifrey."

9)there's the brainy specs!

10)Cliffhanger #3: The Master's all tiny!

Part Four
11)"My name is Vislor Turlough."

12)The Doctor doesn't agonize a whole lot over destroying Kamelion, does he? Probably trying hard not to giggle.

13)"won't you show mercy to your own..." And a million fan theories are born...

14)"Look after him, won't you? He gets into the most terrible trouble."

15)"Welcome aboard, Peri." "Oh, and in a few weeks, I'm going to turn into a fat, loudmouthed, tasteless jerk who'll try to kill you. Just a heads up."

An OK story, I suppose - both the Master and the Doctor seemed off their games in this one.
"Peri in a bikini, however, is interesting."

Interesting is one way of putting it. Fantastic is another. Va-va-voom also comes to mind.
I believe that it was Paul Cornell et al., in The Discontinuity Guide, who referred to Peri as the Doctor's two most popular companions.
The first time I saw Peri she was wearing a bikini!

Started watching this last night. I kind of wanted to watch the 66 minute edit, but Tracy wanted to continue our one-episode-per-night habit. I agreed because now that I'm caught up on old releases, there's going to be a dry spell until the next one so might as well stretch them out to last as long as possible. I really do like the idea of re-editing four-episode stories into 66 (or so) minute mini-movies. That (inexpensive) option should be available as an extra feature of every disc! I think I'd be more inclined to watch old episodes more often with the chaff separated from the wheat. Of course the integrity of the original serial episodes should be maintained, too.

Boack when I was regularly buying up previous releases, I'd regularly have to re-sort the shelves at B&N to make particular stories easier to find. They'd always somehow get hopelessly out of order again, though. I think another customer was doing the same thing, because towards the end I wouldn't re-sort them, but then I'd come in a week later and they'd be back in order. I suspect it was the same customer who would frequently beat me to the store when they only got one new release in. Another bad thing about B&N is that they won't necessarily shelve new Doctor Who in the Doctor Who section. It might be on the BBC shelf or any number of other end-caps or special displays. When I went in looking for these latest three releases, I looked everywhere except the Doctor Who shelf, then asked the clerk. Well, of this one time they had been shelved where they were supposed to be! On the way over there she said, "You shouldn't have a hard time finding it because I just alphabetized all the Doctor Whos."

I agreed because now that I'm caught up on old releases, there's going to be a dry spell until the next one so might as well stretch them out to last as long as possible.

Not that it helps much, but I read last week that, sometime soon, they're going to be synchronizing US and UK releases, so we won't be months behind our British brethren on new releases.
That's cool, but say... what/when are the next U.S. releases going to be? I thought it was going to be "Revenge of the Cybermen" and "Silver Nemesis" on November 23, but this latest batch of releases advertizes "The Krotons" as "coming soon."
Really? The promo I saw on mine was for "The Dominators".

According to Amazon, the upcoming schedule is:

Dreamland - 10/5/2010

Revenge of the Cybermen & Silver Nemesis 11/2/2010

Series Five 11/9/2010
The Baron said:
Really? The promo I saw on mine was for "The Dominators".

You say to-MAY-to, I say to-MAH-to. (Actually I couldn't remember and I flipped a coin.)

Okay, that kinda jibes with my notes (from Previews). So where does "The Dominators" come in? After the first of the year, I'm guessing.
That sounds likely. I'm particularly keen to see "Revenge of the Cybermen" I've got "Silver Nemesis" on VHS, but I haven't seen "Revenge" in years and years.
I posted several times at the blog last month for this one.  Just watched it tonight, so, one more post..
"I remember someone suggesting that the Time Lords rescued the Master from the flame, and that for him The Five Doctors happened after Planet of Fire. I'd have to watch TFD again to see if that works or not, though."

Just watched these again. Works for me! The Master's escape from "CASTROVALVA" is explained in "TIME-FLIGHT". He finds Kamelion there, as explained in "THE KING'S DEMONS". He says Kamelion has never been out of his control since then, in "PLANET OF FIRE". So for The Master, "FIRE" appears to be a direct sequel to "DEMONS". We don't actually see him burn-- he shimmers and vanishes in the fire!! I'd say that could have been The Time Lords pulling him out of time to help them in "THE FIVE DOCTORS", especially since just about every one in that story was yanked from somewhere-- either the past or present. Why not the future (as far as The Doctor was concerned) for The Master? And this would fit perfectly with "THE ULTIMATE FOE", since The Valyard was also from The Doctor's (relative) future.

It's just a shame fans have to explain what the writers should have, and could have, with just a single line of dialogue. Shame, Pip & Jane! Shame!!!

David Anderson:
"so far as Deadly Assassin does gain something from using the Master, it would have worked better if it had used the War Chief instead"

This sounds intriguing. Could you elaborate?

"to be fair the Doctor-Master verbal sparring is one thing Pip and Jane were fairly good at, and if he really was that integral to Trial of a Time Lord, then yes they could use him there (and it might even retroactively make sense of why Rassilon felt his continued existence was important and could do more good than harm)"

Ah, Pip & Jane-- great dialogue, no plot. (sigh) You know, Rassilon might have foreseen The Master's role in bringing down the corrupt High Council in "THE ULTIMATE FOE". He was the one, after all, who spilled the beans. (I still miss Robert Holmes.)

Good and bad, but enough good to be watchable, and enjoyable. Most of my fave bits involve Peri. "You will obey me." "NO!" "I am The Master." "So what? I'm Perpegilium Brown, and and I can shout just as loud as you can!" ..or... "Help me, and I'll spare your life." "Spare my life? Come out HERE and say that!" And when she starts chasing him with a shoe... hilarious!

Davison's not bad in this one, but if there's one scene his Doctor lets me down, it's the one where The Master first arrives in the hall with Timonov. I feel sure Pertwee or Baker would have exploded with intense outrage and pointed out to everyone there that this man posing as "the outsider" was the personification of evil, and a mass-murderer, how he'd killed countless innocent people, and if they listened to anything he said, every person on Sarn would die in horrible agony. Instead, he mostly stands there. What's WRONG with him???

And when The Master is about to be burnt to a cinder, I can't imagine any other Doctor not saying something, or yelling out in anger and rage at all the endless chaos and death and destruction that bastard has caused, and that he's had ENOUGH, and it ENDS here!!!! Then he'd have reason to seem worn out when he returned to the TARDIS. After all, the bastard used to be a good friend of his... long, long before we ever met him. A thing like that would be bound to hurt, but by this point would definitely be something that absolutely had to be done.

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