1)Apparently the Doctor can focus the scanner on Nyssa's bedroom!


2)Those are some huge helmets on the space pirates.  Must be so they can contain that big 80's hair of theirs.


3)Tegan and Turlough pretty much spend all of this story stuck one place or another. Tell us again why we needed so many companions, John?


4)And here we see the latest Doctor Who Patented Unconvincing Robot.


5)Nyssa takes off her skirt for no apparent reason.  I gather Steve Gallagher wrote this with her Trakenite costume in mind, and it was meant to be her taking off her jacket, which the Doctor wwould later find as A Valuable Clue..  Since she was no longer wearing a jacket, it translated into her taking off her skirt instead.


6)The Vanir regularly get beaten up by everyone. I know they're supposed to be unenthusiastic, but maybe they could've seemed a little threatening?


7)I think the Garm is meant to be all mysterious and vaguely threatening, but instead comes off all jolly and friendly-looking.


8)I don't buy the whole "an exploding ship created the universe" thing.


9)Well, it's not bad as "leaving scenes" go, but it might have been nice if Sutton'd gotten more to do in her last story than just stand around being ill.  Thinking about it, Nyssa might've been a better fit to leave on Gallifrey than Leela was. 


10)Some Fun Quotes:

  • "You look so sweet when you get angry." Really?
  • "What are you doing?" "Synthesizing an enzyme." You know, like you do.
  • "But Terminus seems to be at the exact center of the known universe." That's nonsense - if it was possible to determine the exact center of the universe, somebody would of put up a plaque or something.
  • "If ever you had to kill someone, could you do it?"  Yeah, that'll allay her suspicions.
  • "You're weird, Turlough."
  • "Am I dead yet?"



  • Part One: Olvir gets all hysterical!
  • Part Two: A Vanir attacks the Doctor!
  • Part Three: "If we don't do something quickly, the whole universe will be destroyed!"
  • Part Four: The Black Guardian nags Turlough some more!



By and large, an OK story, that could've used a little editing.  It definitely suffered from Crowded TARDIS Syndrome, with littl efor Tegan or Turlough to do.


[Part of list of Doctor Who episodes here.]

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I was a bit amused when I learned that one of the guys who tried to beat the crap out of Peter Davison in this story, later turned up as his friend on the police force in CAMPION!  (I love that show.)

Apparently the Doctor can focus the scanner on Nyssa's bedroom!

I wonder if by the time that Peri arrived, if anyone suggested blinds randomly around the room? ;) Also apparently the chameleon circuit only works when the TARDIS materializes in the bulkheads of a big ass ship!

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