Has anyone watched the masterful Fargo TV series? I must discuss if possible...

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Doggone it! You never knew this whole time? I fell for it back when the movie came out, and I was heartbroken when I found out it wasn't true. Except for the fact that all the death and stuff didn't actually happen. That was good.

Mike Parnell said:

Well, I fell for it. 

At the beginning of one of the season three episodes, they displayed "This is a true story" and then the word "true" disappeared before the other words. I never believed they were true. It's just following up on the Coen Brothers shtick as the Fargo movie.

Captain Comics said:

Also, the show is never set in Fargo itself.

The two scenes that I remember actually being in Fargo and not in Minnesota were (1) the two killer/kidnappers in the movie visited hookers there and (2) Billy Bob Thornton's professional killer in season 1 wipes out a group of mobsters in their headquarters.

I read somewhere that the ending of the episode last night was Hawley saying something about the state of our country right now. Because our future is so open-ended.

I don't need that, personally. Right now, more than ever, I want to see the bad guys get what they deserve.

Yeah, that was a cruel ending. What kind of universe are we living in, Fargo? WHAT KIND OF UNIVERSE ARE WE LIVING IN?

I think in the original film, Jerry Lundegaard originally hires the kidnappers in Fargo, North Dakota. 

Apparently the main henchman Meemo was the only survivor of Mr. Wrench's assault at the storage units. He will probably be available in future hoped-for installments, as will Mr. Wrench. The ending for Emmit Stussy was only partially satisfying. If he had seen it coming he just would have grovelled and sniveled. We had seen him do that a lot.

The ending with Varga was a little confusing to me until I gave it some thought. He ultimately came off as pathetic. We don't get to see whether he is dragged off to be prosecuted or let go. What we do get to see is the happiness of Gloria Burgle. She has a great relationship with her son and works in a law enforcement agency that actually respects her. I am reminded of the ending (not the post-ending ending) of the original Nightmare on Elm Street, in which the heroine tells Freddy Krueger that he is s___, and he is destroyed just by the statement. Varga would never be happy even if he got away. He is s___.

The fate of Nikki Swango also reminded me of another movie. The heist movie Heat had a very likeable robber played by Tom Sizemore. I liked him until he used a child as a human shield and I was reminded he was definitely a bad guy. Nikki Swango was very likeable in the same way. She was attractive and personable and we could identify with her need to avenge the death of her man and her own brutal beating. But at the end she died while killing a cop, which was a definite choice. She was a bad person.

She also killed a dude with an air conditioner in the first or second episode-- a guy who her boyfriend blackmailed into committing a crime. So while she was sympathetic, you can't really say she was a good person at the start.

I think because of the strength of the female leads in Fargo that Varga was just blowing smoke.  But the ambiguity of the ending is a parabolic statement of the times, for sure. 

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