BURBANK, Calif. (July 21, 2018) — After outthinking The Thinker, you’d hope that Barry Allen aka The Flash (Grant Gustin) might have some down time to contemplate his future with his new wife, Iris (Candice Patton). But with their speedster daughter from the future, Nora (new series regular Jessica Parker Kennedy), already grown and a part of their lives, they’ve now got to face Central City’s newest menace — the DC Super-Villain Cicada! Season five pits Team Flash against yet another formidable adversary, the show’s second non-speedster Big Bad, it was revealed by cast and producers at the show’s 2018 Comic-Con panel on Saturday, July 21.

Chris Klein (Election, Oz, American Pie) has signed on as series regular to play next season’s scourge of Central City, Cicada. A grizzled, blue-collar everyman whose family has been torn apart by metahumans, Cicada now seeks to exterminate the epidemic — one metahuman at a time.

The Flash returns for season five on Tuesday, October 9, at 8/7c on The CW. Based on the DC characters, the series is executive produced by Greg Berlanti, Todd Helbing, Sarah Schechter and Eric Wallace. The Flash is produced by Bonanza Productions in association with Berlanti Productions and Warner Bros. Television.


Chris Klein

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The Flash returns this Tuesday, January 15.

Good news from Danielle Nicolet (District Attorney Cecile):

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All is right in my world!!!!!! Good Lord I love @candicepatton &...

A post shared by Danielle Nicolet (@daninicolet) on Jan 11, 2019 at 12:03pm PST

That's right: Jesse L. Martin is back! Or will be, in Episode 15. Details here from TV Line: "Flash's Jesse L. Martin Set to Return"

We haven't talked about the past two episodes of The Flash, nor tonight's. Let's remedy that!

  • Nora has been holding out on Team Flash; she's been secretly consorting with the Reverse-Flash, who is incarcerated in the future. It's still mysterious as to why.
  • Sherloque Wells, however, has been investigating Nora because he knows something is up, but he doesn't know exactly what. He's begun by trying crack the code in her journal, which is similar to the scribblings Barry wrote when he first got out of the Speed Force.
  • Cisco's been working up a cure for the metagene, after realizing the pieces of dark matter left in his body after Cicada slashed his hands were erasing his powers, not dampening them. He met some resistance from Caitlin over doing this project, who had moral objections to imposing such a cure on people. Not only that, there was active sabotage from Killer Frost, who was afraid she'd be wiped from existence if Caitlin was to take such a cure.
  • By the way, it seems that somehow, Caitlin has become a physician.
  • Joe West is still absent; he is said to be visiting Wally in Tibet. He also took the baby with him, ostensibly for her safety, what with Cicada still lurking about. That almost makes sense ... except for the part about the baby being a newborn and District Attorney Cecile going back to work. It makes story sense, but it doesn't seem to me that somebody who was a parent of an infant -- or who remembered having an infant in the house -- wrote that.
  • Barry, bless his compassionate heart, hit on a new and different way to handle the Big Bad: Instead of defeating him, try to win him over -- by bringing his niece Grace out of her coma. A fine idea. So Sherloque and Caitlin rig a device that will allow someone to enter Grace's memories, locate her consciousness, and bring her out of it. Easy-peasy. 
  • Except Nora learns that entering Grace's consciousness that way opens her mind to being explored. She impulsively goes in alone, as Sherloque is warming up the equipment, planning to get in and get out quickly. This being an episode of The Flash, of course it doesn't go so well. Nora gets trapped.
  • So Barry and Iris have to go in, and they do find themselves in Nora's memories, not the Grace's. Barry gets a thrill out of seeing the Flash Museum in the future, and all the toys and tchockes and comics sold there. Iris and Barry see young Nora and just take in the sight, joyfully. Unfortunately, they see a painful memory of Future Iris chewing out young Nora for running away, forbidding her from going to the museum ever again, and even storming out without Nora's broken Flash action figure. Today's Iris is shaken..
  • Nora herself is in peril; basically, Grace's body is treating Nora like an interloper. Sherloque and Caitlin intervene and let Nora, Iris and Barry know that if they can break through the bitter, negative memories, they can find a breach that will get them out. They make it out, but their mission failed because there's a piece of dark matter in Grace's brain. This also means they can't try it again.
  • Oh, and Ralph tries to get Cisco to enjoy a night on the town. However, he does it by telling him they should go to a bar to check out a lead on Cicada, and Cisco gets bent out of shape when he realizes Ralph lied to him. But the bartender gives him a drink on the house, shares a story about how she's really a photographer but bartending pays the bills, and Cisco is inspired; he can compare the DNA of someone who has dark matter in them with a sibling who doesn't, and that can lead to the cure. Said inspiration also might be the spark of a beautiful relationship, maybe.
  • And Iris establishes the Central City Citizen, her blog is making enough money on advertising that she can rent the vacant office across from Ralph's P.I. digs and she's thinking about hiring a staff, too. With the news here on Earth-Prime that there were a thousand-plus journalists laid off last week throughout the Gannett newspaper chain and at BuzzFeed News, the Huffington Post and Verizon Media, I know I'm watching science fiction!

The January 29 episode, "Memorabilia," was actually riveting for me, which is unusual. Nora's mystery is compelling. The involvement of Eobard Thawne makes it seem sinister, but I'm sure Nora has good intentions. It's a little odd that Thawne in a future prison looks like Harrison Wells instead of his true face.

Caitlin suddenly became a surgeon instead of a PhD in an earlier season. I commented on this at the time. It seems like the comic book bit of anyone having "Dr." in front of their name being a medical genius. 

Yeah, Nora has good intentions, but she's dealing with somebody who doesn't, and she's only beginning to wake up to that fact. She does not have the experience to thwart Eobard Thawne when his bad intentions manifest. 

I forgot to mention that there was some mumbo-jumbo about the way out of Grace's and Nora's memories entailed breaking through false memories to the true ones. For Barry and Iris, that meant seeing that scene of Future Iris and little kid Nora differently. Future Iris wasn't nasty or stern; she was kindly and worried about Nora -- and the two of them left the Flash Museum with the action figure, which wasn't broken.

Also forgot to mention that little Grace might be Cicada 2.0, if she ever gets out of the coma. 

One other thing that amused me. For a few years, there’s been an online criticism of Grant Gustin during emotional scenes, that he shakes his head a lot. The habit got a twitter nickname: Bobblehead Barry. So when Barry visits the Flash Museum gift shop and picks up a Flash bobblehead, I burst out laughing. There’s no doubt in my mind this was intentional -- this show seems very aware of its fans.

I'm actually wondering if Grace might not be Cicada 1.0. Dream Cicada was a woman with long blonde hair, and "I was hurt by a Meta so I want to kill all Metas" has an angry, hurt child vibe to it. (Not that adults can't be like that, too.) Maybe the shard in Grace's head is channeling her rage through the Cicada shard and into her uncle. Maybe he's being influenced by her without knowing it. Nice twist if this year's Big Bad is really an angry, hurt little girl with meta abilities.

I liked last night's episode.

(I'm a sucker for a good time loop story.)

I'm really liking Jessica Parker Kennedy's earnestness as Nora. She had to carry the speedster action because Barry was mostly out of the story. Cisco and Caitlin have synthesized a cure for metahuman powers, but it needs 29 days to fully jell. Sherloque suggests taking it into the Speed Force. Doing that pares the necessary time to a mere 60 minutes, so off Barry goes. 

Cisco has a date at CC Jitters with Kamilla, the bartender he met last episode (we haven't talked about last episode). Unfortunately, he takes bad advice from Ralph on how to win her over, by trying to be her "type." While he's out, Iris goes to her office to work on an article, and Cicada captures her. He plants her on the roof of a tall building as bait. Nora and Caitlin -- or, rather, Xs and Killer Frost -- come racing to the rescue. From his perch, Cicada sees them coming, thanks to that distinctive purple trail, and tosses his dagger in a wide arc ... so it stabs Killer Frost in the back shortly after she and Xs appear..

A desperate Nora races back to the past and pleads for Iris to stay at Star Labs to write the article -- with the result that Cisco blows it again with Kamilla and Ralph is the one who gets kidnapped and stabbed by the thrown dagger. She tries again, and Sherloque is killed. Again, and Cisco gets killed. Again, and Cecile -- who wasn't even around all episode -- gets killed. 

After 52 tries, Cisco -- who touches Kamilla on each of those bad dates and vibes to the previous one -- realizes somebody's been mucking about with time. Nora comes clean, despairing that she can't fix this. But Team Flash puts their collective heads together and comes up with a plan that actually works: Cicada himself is one who gets hit by the thrown dagger. Not enough to kill him; he flies off, wounded in the same shoulder that Iris stabbed him in last episode (which we still haven't talked about). 

When Barry comes back ("Something happened while I was gone?"), he has a heart-to-heart with Nora, explaining that when you "fix" time, it's never the same again. Cisco, after some prodding from everyone else, goes on the date one more time, and lets himself be himself, which charms Kamilla nicely. Sherloque is back on Nora's trail, despite her and the Reverse Flash's efforts to throw him off the scent by matching him up with the love of his life -- who turns out to be just like all of his seven ex-wives. We met four of them last episode (which we still haven't talked about).

And Nora, who is working with Reverse Flash to help defeat Cicada, is shook by Barry's warning about bending time. She confronts Thawn and he yells at her to stick with the plan. We shall see how that plays out. 

....After 52 tries....

It's overly cute that they keep referencing the number 52. 

That being said, I did enjoy the episode.

Jesse L. Martin is back! banana photo banana.gif

I'm so happy to see him back! And that scene on the couch, where he just walks over and sits down, and then gets halfway back up again before Cecile tells him to sit -- it was like the show was intentionally demonstrating a full range of motion!

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