Issue #1:

Another one of the books I had elected ahead of time to follow. We start with a town in the Great Northwest being overrun by unconvincing monsters. We then cut to the Ant Farm, which is a flying golf ball that contains S.H.A.D.E.* headquarters thanks to technology provided by Ray Palmer, who we don't know if he's the Atom in this timeline or not, but seems to serve as their scientific advisor. Frankie checks in and finds that Father Time has regenerated, and is now a little girl in a sērafuku, which kind of freaks Frankie out a little bit. We then learn that Frankie's wife was sent into Monster Town and vanished, so Frankie and his new field team are sent to investigate. The new field team is called the Creature Commandos and includes Vincent Velcoro, a vampire type that I dimly remember form the old Creature Commandos, Warren Griffith, a werewolf type that I dimly remember from the old Creature Commandos, Dr. Nina Mazursky, a Creaturess from the Black Lagoon and Khalis, a mummy. Anyhow, our heroes go to Monster Town, and fight a whole bunch of monsters, and then find a basement full of mundanes who don't seem too happy about being rescued by a bunch of monster and what will our heroes do now?


I actually quite liked this. I liked the old Creature Commandos back in the day, and this seems like an interesting re-invention of them. I gotta say. I'm not too wild about the art - it's not bad, I just happen not to like this style. That said, it's not enouigh to put me off buying the book. Probably my favoirte of the new books I picked up today.


*Stands for "Super Human Advanced Defense Executive"

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Issue #7:

Frank and the boys put down the revolting Humanids*, whilst Lady Schick Frankenstein and Dr. Creature battle the Reject Commandos, or whatever theyr're called.  In other news, Ray Palmer appears to have all of his "Atom" powers in this timeline, even if he doesn't wear a costume. Also, the Living Mummy is decapitated, but still alive. The real news however, is that there's still one prisoner unaccounted for - Frankenstein's son! Dunh-dunh-DUNH!


Still enjoying this book - quite a fun story. Also, the art seems to have improved somewhat.


*And "revolting" is the word!

For me, on the other hand, I felt the art took a big downturn. 

The story's off and on for me... I probably didn't give it enough credit because I disliked the art so much.

Issue #8:

We get a flashback to 1959 and the "birth" of the Frankensteins' "son" (and a sighting of Sailor Time back when she was a black guy in a bowler hat), who immediately attacked Lady F and who was almost as quickly killed by Frank, thus leading to the rift between the two).  It is revealed that S.H.A.D.E. reanimated the creature and kept it under lock and key. Ray Palmer in particular is outraged by this and threatens to have the U.N. cut S.H.A.D.E.'s funding. They're a U.N. outift? Or is this like S.H.I.E.L.D., where they sometimes will be a U.N. outift and sometimes a U.S. one, depending on which episode of Plot Convenience Playhouse we're watching?  Anyhow, it is reasoned that Junior would have gone home to Castle Frankenstein, so his parents are despatched to find him. This time Sonny attacks Frank, and this time Lady F kills him, realizing that death is the only thing they can give their child.  Sailor Time and the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers arrive and Lady F quits the team over Father's objections. Frank returns to HQ, deciding that S.H.A.D.E. is all he has left.


Good stuff, I'm still quite enjoying this book.  Next up: Frank goes searching for Animal Man!



Issue #9:

Frank is still upset over the events of last issue as Sailor Time sends him in search of DC's latest attempt at failing to make Animal Man interesting.  Frank and Dr. Creature discover a really grotesque-looking corpse which is infested with something called "The Rot", which feeds on all living tissue.  The Rot gets an unpleasant surprise when it tries to feed on Frank, who isn't exactly "living".  Frank goes medieval on the Rot, to little effect, and he calls down a "blackbomb" strike from Sailor Time, which effectively destroys the infestation.  Frank ponders what kid of a creature he is when even something like the Rot is weirded out by him, and Nina allows as how she thinks very highly of him.


Still enjoying this - I hope it continues on for awhile. I've no idea how it's selling.

Relatively poorly it would seem.  April's Comichron figures put it at #118 on the sales charts and with 16k copies sold.


That's pretty low.  Way lower than Nightwing or Robin used to manage, and lower than Ghost Rider, Moon Knight and even Terror Titans used to hover around!


On the one hand, fanboys being generally such a conservative bunch, any book that is as new and different as this (at least on the surface) was going to struggle.  The low sales aren't necessarily a mark against it.


On the other, I was on board for the first few issues, and really wanted the comic to succeed.  It wasn't terrible, but the storytelling seemed quite slow, and I could have done with more references to the workaday life that the rest of us live rather than all the play on earlier continuity and superhero stuff- Ray Palmer etc.


Moore's Swamp Thing, Tomb of Dracula, Morrison's Animal Man, all gave us weird while also giving us stories involving normal people getting mixed up in the bizarre and horrific.


Perhaps that's just my taste, but those three examples all built their audiences up from low starting points rather than settle into the 'standard attrition' so early.  Perhaps the normal lives in the stories helped draw in more mainstream readers?  All three would have had non-regular comics readers as a large segment of their audience


Just my two bits worth.  Perhaps later issues addressed these (to me) problems.


In any case, I'm heartened to see DC collect everything in trades so far.  I'm sure the creators are putting their best work into it, and I'll be glad that their work is collected and out there for a more longterm audience.  Hopefully it means that they will be able to map out a sensible story that doesn't just fizzle out, as happened often in the old model of 'keep publishing until you ....suddenly! ... stop.'

Issue #10:

Apparently finding Animal Man wasn't all that important after all, as we find Frank hanging around the S.H.A.D.E. library were a hot librarian starts coming on to him whilst blathering extraneously about "Satan's Ring" and then Frank is attacked by giant, sword-wielding cockroaches, also Frank keeps having flashbacks about a woman being strangled.Sailor Time deduces that there must be a mole in S.H.A.D.E. and one of their agents in Untropolis which is a city in subspace has stopped reporting in.  So Sailor Time sends our heroes - except for the Living Mummy who is still on decapitation leave - to find the agent - Crowly - with their special plot convenience jetpacks that if they lose them they'll be disintegrated if they try to leave subspace.  They trail Crowly - who is a birdwoman, apaprently -the others are atacked by more bugs but Frank catches Crowly, who claims that she heard that he was going to turn traitor, but then she knocks Frank off of a building and he's about to fall into the water which if he doesn't have his magic jetpack on it will kill him!

The storytelling in this book is kind of disjointed and they could use a little more character development, but it's still got plenty of entertaining weirdness.





This was my favorite issue of this series yet. I loved the poetry-dropping Frankenstein mixed with the action going on around him. I love the idea of an erudite poetry-loving scholar swinging a sword like a barbarian. This is very cool.

I strongly recommend those of you who left this book (I am one of them...) to come back. Matt Kindt is taking Frankenstein in a slightly different direction without any U-turns or anything drastic at all. But it reads much easier but at the same time, more scholarly. Had a fun time reading this.

Decapitation leave?!?

I have to have a look!

Issue #11:

OK, so Nina saves Frank by using her plot convenience field, but she is hurt in the process and the two drop back into real space, landing in the ocean. Over Sailor Time's objections, Frank takes Nina into Leviathan, a sort of  immortal mega-whale. Inside they find a small city (!) which is sort of like the Village in The Prisoner where S.H.A.D.E. keeps all of the agents who went insane on missions or who were insubordinate, in what is essentially a comfortable prison. They find a safehouse and Frank sends for Khalis to heal Nina. It turns out that the visions that Frank has been having are the memories of the people whose various parts were used to build Frank and none of them were nice guys.  Nina tries to console Frank, but he rejects her attempts at reaching out.  Frank uses an image inducer (Remember when Nightcrawler used to use an image inducer?  Frank must of bought off him.) to have a scout 'round, and having discovered the nature of Leviathan and, outraged, decides to kill the mega-whale and we cut to a well-dressed weird guy who takes Frank's threat to kill the mega-whale as a threat to kill him!

Wow, still lots of entertaining weirdness in this book - I'm eager to find out who the well-dressed weird guy is, and I like the development of the Frank and Nina storyline. Still enjoying this book immensely.

Issue #12:

Another issue told in flashback as Belroy tells Sailor Time what Franks' bene up to in the belly of the beast. The Living Mummy heals Dr. Creature (and also somehow fixes her so so doesn't have to wear her helmet anymore) while Frank corners Agent Crowly from two issues ago and she turns out to be the world's worst sorceress - a nice joke on the difficulties of using rhyming magic if you're lousy poet - and she directs him to last issue's little weird guy who is a S.H.A.D.E. agent who used a future-seeing ring that predicted that Frank would kill him and he somehow thought that brining Frank where he was was a good idea and then Frank kills him but the Future Ring creates a monster somehow and Frank kill sit and somehow killing it cures Frank of his evil flashback but it leaves him hurt so bad that even the Living Mummy can't save him but all the S.H.A.D.E. agents that Frank liberated donate tissue and thais allows the Living Mummy to cure him and then Frank kisses Dr. Creature and now Frank has a ready-made army of cheesed-off S.H.A.D.E. agents and that's a good thing 'casue someone called Victor (Dr. Frankenstein, apparently) is back and he's brought soemthing called "The Rot" with him so tune in next time as Frank and his pals battle the Cavity Creeps!


Well, that's a year of this book, and I'm still enjoying it immensely although I still wish they'd get a better artist but I can live with this guy and I hope they don't cancel the book becuase it's a good book and it has lots of fun insane stuff in it.



Issue #0:

A flashback to the Monster's creation - using something called a "soulgrinder", the beginnings of his enmity with Victor Frankenstein, his recruitment to S.H.A.D.E. ( How long is S.H.A.D.E. supposed to have bene around, anyhow?) and his first meeting with Father Time (who was an adult woman at the time). We get a little bit of Frank's history as well, including a shot fo him fighting alongside a G.I. Robot in World War Two!


Overall, an interesting enough story, obviously being used to set us up for when Victor returns once normal service resumes.

Jeff of Earth-J said:

Frankenstein’s monster is a character I’m generally interested in, and I have single slot in my “monster” box for all of his appearances at Marvel, DC and sundry other publishers, and like to pretend they’re all somehow part of the same character’s continuity. But for some reason, I gave this new series a pass. I’ll probably change my mind later and pay through the nose for the backissues, though.

Now that the 16th and final issue has been solicited (for January 16 release) and this series has become a finite thing, I’m considering collecting it in trade. What’s your overall impression of the series as a whole? Worth it or not?

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