Just a heads up that on Thursday March 23, TCM is showing Gojira at 8PM EST. I'm assuming that this is the original Japanese cut (subtitled hopefully) as there was no mention of Raymond Burr in the credits!

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I haven't seen the Raymond Burr version in many, many years and have never seen the original. I'm recording it. Thanks for the heads up.


Looks like they are planning a long night of monster movies, they've got King Kong, Thing from Another World, Cabinet of Dr. Caligari and a few others.

...I have never seen the full Burr/American cut but have seen GOJIRA , oddly enough ! Thank you .
You know , I believe that , many years ago , American writers on Gojira considered speculation that the whole thing might be seen as a reflection of Japanese trauma/displacement at being a recipient twice of the Bomb as " Oh ,come on !"/Pseuds' Corner-level gasbaggery...Then ,when I saw Gojira , I saw that a dialogue subtitle had someone saying " I survived Nagasaki , I'll survive this " !

Have to confess when I first saw Godzilla as a kid I never realized that the Raymond Burr scenes had been added later.

I have watched the Japanese and English versions back to back before. It make for a long movie watching experience, but it does kind of makes sense that way because the Raymond Burr version is told as a series of flashbacks. I may have forwarded through some of those, but I think there's about an hour of new footage. Does that sound right?

I've read that they showed the American version in Japan at some point. I gather it got good laughs because there's sometimes a difference between what the Japanese say, and what Raymnd Burr's character is told they say.

In the TCM horror grouping, I recommend the original Invasion of the Body Snatchers and, in the Saturday wee hours, the great Wait Until Dark. In the horror grouping, I'm also recording Horror of Dracula and The Gorgon.

Having seen it tonight I have to say I like the Raymond Burr version.  His narration brought a lot drama to the film.

He took the role seriously.

Mark S. Ogilvie said:

Having seen it tonight I have to say I like the Raymond Burr version.  His narration brought a lot drama to the film.

I DVR'ed it but since I worked late yesterday and early today, I don't have the attention span to watch a subtitled movie! Hopefully Sunday!

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